Airbus A380 House Colors

I think the Airbus house color is definetly missing from the IF a380. Its a beautiful livery, and I think it should be added.

Photo not mine

Does anyone have any opinions on this?
Safe landings to all :)


Great Idea, adding this on to my wishlist :)

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Where are the winglets?


Planes can fly without wingip devices if needed, even if they were designed with them in mind.


The old house colours for Airbus could also be added, like the one in the A318, and instead of A380, it should have A3XX.

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In my opinion, having the house colors adds a fun touch. I agree there are a lot of them, but why not? It’s kind of like generic liveries…

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@Aviationluver I made a poll in November about which aircraft in IF should have House Colors House color Aircraft for IF

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Great idea (;

Yes, but I only have the free planes, and I’d like some house colors too.

But that poll doesn’t include the a380 ;)

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Scroll down the page ;)

I included an Embraer and Canadair Poll, a Boeing Poll and an Airbus Poll. And it has the New Airbus A380 House Colors, the Old House Colors and even the A3XX Colors 😉

I hate the A380 (in IF), so I personally don’t really care about its liveries until it will entirely reworked.

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Yeah the cockpit has to be redone.


I love it! It should be added.

Love that livery!

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I agree that the A3XX would look a bit better

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Yes I am totally voting for this

Vote on you’re own request please