Airbus A380 HELP!

As a new flyer I need some help!! So I love flying the Airbus A380 it is a beautiful aircraft and handles really well in IF but I just can’t seem to stabilise or balance the speed increase with altitude increase and vertical speed to atleast get to the cruising altitude of 42,000 feet and hold it there without dropping speed or decreasing feet and it’s very annoying, can anyone help?


42000 seems to be too high for an initial cruising altitude, have you tried lower altitudes?


Should attempt step-climbing, you may be to heavy to be at 42,000ft for your initial cruising altitude.


Here check this topic out:

Hopefully it helps!


42000 is really high for an a380, since its a really heavy aircraft, hence most a380s fly at a lower altitude

42000 for an A380 ? This is to high for this Aircraft. Everytime when i fly with the A380 my highest altidude is 38000

The ceiling for A380 is 43000 ft, although, should maybe only fly it max 40,000 ft.

Here is some info:

Just a side note for fun. You will never see an AC flying at FL420. Between FL280 and FL410 there is RVSM, so vertical separation is down to 2000ft for AC in the same E or W heading arc.

Above FL410 is then increased back to non-RVSM and goes to 4000ft. This means 2000ft vertical spaces between any aircraft.

This is why, on a 180-359° heading, you will see AC at FL400, then Fl430, but never at FL420.

There are probably exceptions to this I don’t know


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