Airbus A380 Glitch

Dear IFC,
I am flying the A380 and I have noticed that when you look back in the cockpit, you see the outside and there is no back to the cockpit. I was flying on solo when my friend noticed. I have a subscription so i dont know if it is the same on there.


Please help, I am really confused!



This is a known issue and will probably be fixed when we get a rework of the A380! :)

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Ok thanks for your help. I did not know about this, most likely because I live under a rock! :D

The A380 is an antique. It is just too old. We just have to wait for the rework.
At least you can feel the nice 40000feet summer breeze in the cockpit.

example of a gentle 40000 feet’s breeze!


This can be closed, detailed info linked above.

Yeah like a few other people said: it’s a known issue so this topic can be closed!