Airbus A380 (F-WWOW) "Fly the A350 Xtra Engine" Livery

This livery just "awesome"


Wouldn’t this be kind of weird? Since one engine’s different…

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What does it say in pink where the wing is blocking the text?

“Flying the a350s Engine”

It’s pretty cool.

@Winner580 @PlanesForLife

flying the A350-1000 Xtra engine


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No other pics please! Read the guidelines :) And he wants the A350-1000 one :)

Sorry :(
Just want to say there’s another that people talks about
Focus on the first one :)

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No problem, just don’t want you to get flagged ;)

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Or, people can choose between them, just saying ;)

I guess it would be cool with the one different engine

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It wouldn’t change much if its in the IF, just the colour ;)

I dont see whats so cool about it, its the regular house colours with 1 different coloured engine and basic/limited text


I think there’s a slight shape difference. Surely they would show that. If not why not just have a regular A380 house livery with the A380’s normal engines.

I am speechless :(

It is going to look different as its for the A350 the plane has been used to test the engine therefore should the engine fail there are 3 spare engines

This needs a bump as the a380 needs a house livery :)


Man I like how the A380 is used as the testbed for new engines hahaha

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Make 3 engine plane