Airbus A380 diverts/comes to DEN for the first time

News is spreading that an Air France Airbus A380 going from LAX-CDG has diverted to DEN, thought to be medical. This is the first time that an Airbus A380 has ever been to Denver for any reason and it will be a test of DEN’s ability to handle the superjumbo. While there are no news articles about it, I do have an FR 24 screenshot and an IRL picture thanks to @gj5280 on Instagram.

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Very interesting, would enjoy to see how DEN handles the A380


Definitely. Wish I was there to see it!


Oooh. This is an interesting one. Curious where they parked it. Didn’t think we had jet bridges big enough for it. I DEN doesn’t have the gates for it.


Remote gates I assume and air stairs. Lucky passengers 😂


Not to be a bus kill, but, big deal? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I mean sure it’s cool, but especially to you point about this providing your ability to handle it, I don’t see it, KPIT’s had 747s, and eaven Antanovs. No one argued that you could “handle” in the objective sense an A380, but thins does nothing to the commercial viability. I mean as Deer said you technically can’t actually. Now as for the puerly “cool” side, that’s awesome, I would freak out if that came to KPIT, best of luck in landing an actual flight!

An airport this large and spacious should be able to easily handle it. The runways are more than adequate, though I think it’ll only be restricted to 34L/16R as that is the longest and widest runway at the field. The de-ice ramps also have tons of real estate available for the super (this is where it is parked at the moment).

The terminal ramps are a different story though. Not too sure about the clearances around the A/B concourses. It looks wide enough but maybe not enough for a smaller jet to taxi parallel to it. I also know the gates aren’t suitable for it either.


Remote pads aren’t even big enough for it. Maybe the cargo pads but even that would be a squeeze


Can’t they just have it take over 2. That’s what they do here at my local airport with the B787’s?

The taxiway between A/B Con. is capable of taking in a 744, A340, 787. Not sure how much larger the 380 wingspan is.


The 744 has a wingspan of about 66m I believe and the A380 has an 80m wingspan. The ramp between A and B is pretty damn wide. I’m sure it can easily handle it. It’s probably wide enough to handle two A380s side by side. It would just have to use the two taxiways that are in the center (AN and BS) of the ramp, not the ones that branch off from the main.

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I’m thinking that’s what they might do. Gates A41 & 43 turn into one gate and that’s where the the British Airways 74 parks. The other alternative would be the adjacent gate A37 & 39 where Lufty’s 350 and 340 park. Interesting development.


This is the first time one has been here, so it’s a massive deal to us spotters at DEN.

Constant new services thanks to coal, big deal


No, I totally get that, if an A380 came to KPIT, I’d probably have a seizure, but I don’t think this is proving much…

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Here’s some interesting ATC audio of a BA A380 diverting to KMSP. They don’t have big enough gates for it, or even bug enough taxiways, so they just kept it on the runways!


Ooooo this is so interesting

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This is amazing!
Based on how well this goes, DEN may consider adding A380 Services… 😏
Well, one can hope anyway.
Nice find!


I’ll quote you on that if one ever goes to KPIT. XD


For all we know. This is Air France doing an unannounced proving run. lol


I like where you’re thinking…
Well, this flight just proves that an A388 can land there, which we knew all along. If it can land, I’m sure it can takeoff. They don’t exactly have any other option anyway.
I mean, an AN-124 flew into Denver without an issue.
If DEN upgraded or added a terminal for jumbos like this…
Sorry. I’m getting carried away 😂😅
Can’t wait to see what happens!