Airbus a380 Auto Pilot

The a380 is such a beauty to fly and I really love flying it cause it very unique but the problem I have with it is that the auto pilot is glitchy for say when I am climbing and a set a VS for 3000fpm and an alt for 10,000ft if u try to adjust my alt the vs begins to change when I only change the altitude reading and I haven’t yet reached 10,000 feet which can be really annoying so I wish they would fix this so the a380 can live up to its glory once more

So, the autopilot is making your plane twitch whenever you change altitude? That is a known problem on older aircraft, which unfortunately cannot be resolved as of now. The only way to rid the Whale of these glitches will be to vote for the rework.

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It’s an old model with issues. Vote for the rework here:


Ok thanks for the advice

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Ok I will do that now

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