Airbus A380 - 800

This aircraft could very well possibly be one of the largest in the entire simulator, however it was left out of the rework update. The last update being 2012, meaning the cockpit is just a bunch of low quality rendered images more or less compared to the A350 and most (if not all) of the Boing’s class aircrafts. My question is why didn’t it get reworked and is it planned on getting updated in the future?

Thanks, Cpt. Ortiz

American 838. (aka N838)

Reworks are based on community demand. I recommend voting for the A380 rework: Airbus A380 Rework

The more vote, the higher chance of a rework coming faster

there are other planes which do not even have a cockpit ornanimated parts tbh. gonna be interessting to see what the future brings

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rip F22…atleast it has animated gear and wind parts now. but interior is garbage in comparison to the commercials.

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