Airbus A380-800 260 knot max. leveled speed?

Hello, guys.
Iooks strange but I can’t fly leveled at any altitude faster then 260. What wrong?

Some planes can’t fly that fast


their a old model with bad physics

Of course, the gear is ready retracted and flight level is reached. And if somebody wondering flaps, slats and air brakes are retracted too.

in higher altitudes, plane speeds get faster while the knots decrease. even though your plane only reaches 260 knots, it is going way over 260 knots at crusing altitude

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Planes aren’t necessarily going to fly completely 100% level all the time. I’ve read that they are actually meant to fly with the nose up a few degrees even while cruising.

My max KIAS at FL400 about 0.85-0.87M leveled. Strange

You right. That the problem that i have to fly approx 4° nose down to keep straight leveled flight.

That is an accurate cruising speed. He would have had low weight and 100%PWR.

Maybe this might help

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