Airbus A359 to Singapore (Humor Topic)

Air🅱️us 🅰️359 to Singapore

Some disclaimers before someone wants my topic being closed, wants me banned, or whatever:
  1. This topic has a lot of bad jokes and humor, as much as I.
  2. I double checked the jokes to make sure they are not offensive.
  3. The only serious thing are the pictures itself.
  4. I hope the disclaimers work 🙃
  5. Enjoy, and have Laugh if they are good 😉

Humor Charging
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Flight: Singapore EHAM-WSSS
Depature Airport: Amsterdam, Orange Army Land 🦁 (🇳🇱)
Arrival Airport: Marina Bay, Singapore (jeografy 100%?) (🇸🇬)
Aircraft: The Title says it, the pictures show that.
Flight Time: Guess It
Random quote: The 🅱️lane lands…

I think “the tonight show” will like that…

First, the big bird. Meanwhile we have an scandalous 1 min delay, as we hear some Verstappen “fans” causing some noice in Zandvoort. Is this all part of the Red Bull Master 🅱️lan? The lights put me blind, tho…

Escaping from the Tower (jk you are a legend @mwe2187, thx for service 😃)

Im not talking to you again, AMS… 😀🙌

Mr Moon is in the house… Shall I run BTW? Or It’s just a giant white rock? Meanwhile, all the pasengers want to invade 1st class…

The NORAD decided to troll me and send @Aviation2929 once I fly over Azerbajan… (chuckles) Im in danger?

To make me a Jump Scare, they also sent AvioesEJogos To unlegitimately take me down. I had to pay the NORAD to avoid that 😇

Everyone, if you look at our back of the aricraft, which is impossible of course, we see @aviatorshubyt changelling us for a race. I put the seatbelts on because once the controllers get out, this will get real

Descending into “Sing 🅰️ Pore”. Passengers still having a Lunch…

I ran out of Jokes. So… 🅱️L🅰️NE will N🅾️🅾️T CR🅰️SH.

What do I have to say now?

Never gonna give 2021 up, never gonna let 2021 down, never gonna run 2022, and desert 2021 Anyways, happy new year!

Uh, BYE?


Sorry, I’m never gonna say goodbye.

Great pics and love the captions lmao.


Lmaooo 🤣 and the winner is you! 🥳🤣

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You actually got more ground speed. I saw you ahead I think 😂

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Oh well, congrats me?

Love the captions haha

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Thanks tho, or I shouldn’t?

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Jewel looking so amazing in IF
Same for the tower
Nice photo tho

No no its not Marina Bay its Punggol


Error 404 not found…

738% (maith 738%?)

Checks out

He didnt come for a jump scare…he came to take you to Brazil land

Blain plane gud crash not will

Best shot

Probably should tbh

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How did I know there was going to be an F1 joke the moment you said Marina Bay 🙄🤣


It was fun!

Nice photos!

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Ah yes, North American Aerospace Defense Command intercepting you over Azerbaijan. Checks out.


Didn’t you mean Not American 😉

Didn’t Verstappen and Zandvoort work? :(


I am a very simple person.
If I see an A350, I like.
If I see a Singapore A350, it’s perfect.

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Why did @MishaCamp change the title?


Jkjk great topic.




Jk also. Thank you :D

Noticed that recently. Not pretty sure, I just wanted to do a funny title.


Billy Bob! Sweet topic!

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You just rickrolled everyone 🙃

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Lol, yep! I do it best!

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