Airbus A350XWB Family


No information regarding this. Remember, they’ve only just begun 3D modeling.


Waiting a year is nothing. Remember when we were region locked and then Global was announced?


I know… bu tat least it is in developement. It is confirmed.



“…And it may not” Meaning longer or shorter. The reference made was to show that there is no timeline not that it was specific to the 350.


Hey Chris, in your opinion, would you be super happy if the A350 came out? Just curious


Now that this aircraft is officially on it’s way, can we can close this thread? I really see thread becoming toxic in a hurry…


No please, IMO


Keep this topic alive!!!


Changed my profile picture into a Qatar A350-1000 for this momentous moment


This came in to me right after taking the SAT. What a welcome sight.


I’ve been waiting for the A350. Now I can finally do the Singapore to New York flight and some other ones. AWESOME!!!


Aaand Doha-Auckland


Yes I agree with this. Hopefully we get the A350-1000.


Ahaha really 😂😂


I guess we can close this feature request. IT IS FINALLY COMING!


  • Made by me

My rendition of the IF livery on the soon to be A350, it’s not perfect, but hard to work with all this excitement! Thank you Developers!


Change registration to IF-SIM 🤣


If you would love to see the Air Caraïbes Airbus A350-941 when the A350 is released as I would, be sure to vote here:


Wowwwww amazing !😍