Airbus A350XWB Family


Not entirely, stretching something isn’t hard. Where it get complicated is when you have a detailed interior (as mentioned in the timeline)


Yup, that’s true. But whatever model comes to IF, it would be great!


Agreed. Hopefully the community will be happy with what they get and not be like “well now we want this and this and this cause there is no -1000 A350”


Just hoping for -900ULR


That makes total sense. All they need to do there is change some basic statistics for the aircraft.


Yep! I’m more than grateful for the developers’ constant hard work and commitment


hopefully the British Airways A350-1000 gets added!


After so many time. We made it, every singe day. We just need t o wait some time. And we will fly it


For Livery Wishes i would suggest this:

It should be like the top order/delivered according to wikipedia:

Here are the TOP 5 that should be a must have to tribute the huge orders:
Qatar (76/38)
Singapore (67/33)
Cathay (46/30)
Lufthansa (45/14)
United Airlines (45/0)

Personal wish: Lufthansa with his beautiful clean Livery of 2018 😍


YES YES YES we did it. 12 month to wait but we can do it


This detail already. O MY GOD 😍😍😍


They listened to us!!!


Now that it’s confirmed we don’t need everyone posting saying ‘wow they listened to us’ ‘or hope they add this liver or the -900’

Let’s keep this place for any updates regarding the development ie new teasers and general well developed conversation about this feature request. It’s not fun having to slide down through 80 albeit pointless messages.


Good to see this thread so active with A350 related posts! So glad to see this aircraft entering development, what with so many stunning liveries for it (thinking BA, Virgin, Qatar, Lufthansa etc). Hopefully this tracking idea will deliver much more frequent information about the stages of programming now!


#I might not be able to fly it because my subscription ends on the 20th and i am way to poor to afford a new one


Time to celebrate!


This is great news, but I agree with Chatta, the “OH MY GOD IT’S CONFIRMED!” posts are unnecessary. If you want to request a livery, create a feature request or vote for the one with your desired livery.


Just do a monthly sub for a while.


Will the A350 have the same engine sound as all the other commercial aircraft when it finally comes out? Or is there no information about that yet?


Wait 6-12 months and we’ll know for sure.