Airbus A350XWB Family


I hope the fanblades spin clockwise when starting up. RR engine fanblades spin clockwise in real life but in IF aircraft like the 744 have fanblades that spin anticlockwise (RB211 powered 744’s).


So yeah whenever they make a April fools joke just know that one day it will come! 👍


see the issue is many want the aircraft to come out fast but at the same time they want the aircraft to have all the best features “live cockpit, custom engine sounds, many liveries, 3D fanblades, etc…” i mean if you want the aircraft to come out fast it can but don’t expect it to have all those features, and again lets not forget how its might effect performance on some devices which is the main concern,.


I am patient… I just stated that they have “Started” the build as quick as they could… :)


Now that the A350 is undeniably confirmed, the real question is,what will the fanbase want now? lol


Exactly, now everyone’s gonna say: " Hey, IF, can you release the A220 within a week? We really want it" XD


Who says we cant be patient?


you will know if you read through multiple posts here as well on IF instagram


Who cares about Instagram? The infinite flight community exists for a reason. For dev’s to see what the actual player base wants. Not some person on Instagram who probably doesn’t even have pro. Please don’t make the dev’s turn down this project because it looks like you don’t want it. Just keep the thread positive please. Thanks.


I’m pretty sure he knows about the “features section.” No need to go all at him, he just stated a point, that everyone’s gonna ask for something else… This has nothing to do with the Features section unless he referred to a specific thing related to features.
Please restate your point. Yikes, let’s not start an argument guys.


3D Buildings or Terminal buildings! Clouds! Lighted Taxiways! 😅


Ok everyone. Lets stay on topic please.


Let’s see

  1. It was a rhetorical statement.

Yes. I guess I’m not that funny :(

  1. Yes, I go through the #features category everyday. I was referring to the audience of people consistently requesting the A350 on Instagram :)


i see i wasn’t sure you were joking or not lol, yeah people request a lot of things in Instagram. but the A350 is confirmed now so i can relax LOL


Well, back on topic guys. Let’s celebrate with the announcement of our long awaited A350 :D


So guys, do you think they will release the A350-1000, or the A350-900? Maybe both, but I do highly doubt that as working on one model Is tiring enough…


The -1000 is just a stretched version of the -900


the -900 is the most common at the moment


Both I think @BravoCharlie


Yeah, I know, but they would still have to extend the fuselage and components of the aircraft itself… And that’s extra work…