Airbus A350XWB Family


Woohooo!!! YES!


It’s coming! 😭😭😭




Qatar A350-1000, here I come!


Yay! Rick rolled a second time! They just keep getting us with the fake April fools pranks!


Stop :( Our dreams are valid XD


Not a rickroll. It’s not April Fools anymore so this must be true


congratulations WE DID IT!!! 🎉🎉🎉


Guess it’s time for this thread to get the old lock an key?


Time to vote A350 livery request


They rickrolled us by making us think it was a prank when it really wasn’t…


Please search as many have already been requested.


True. Like the Air France, Qatar, Carbon Fiber House Colors, etc.


I can’t believe it’s actually coming!

Thanks you so much devs!!




Finally. The day has commeth,as the prophecy foretold.


Look at that detail! <3


That’s a lot of effort into just the gear.

Render render render


No need to fear guys! The producers have started the A350 modeling… I really admire and thank the IF’s producers for working hard for us so they can release the A350 as quick as possible… Thanks guys!


That’s quite a lot.


I won’t recommend do have the A350 “as fast as possible”. Jason only told is that the developers are “quite fast” in developing planes. Which is better than “making” it fast. I’d recommend to be patient a little, to get a better result… :)