Airbus A350XWB Family


I’ll be flying soon on the Iberia A350!!

Can’t wait!


Please don’t say leaks or else mods are going to take this thread down again! Those are lovely photos and I don’t want them taken down! 👍
Trust me those look real af too haha


I feel like the coolest thing on the A350 is the cockpit. Like I love those sunglasses look on it and the droop on the windows. It gives extra view in my opinion. Would be awesome seeing all of this in IF one day :D


Wym? Lol. .fan?


When a web address says something like .fan, it usually means fake news or something not true


No. It’s my Instagram account. 😂😂😂 @Vidal99977


I feel that the Air China livery on the A359 is far too outdated and I think Air China should so a total livery revamp. That’s just me.


agree with you


And also looking at their 748 for their president is hard because it’s such a new aircraft and the livery makes it look like it’s 15 years old and anyone whose not an aviation enthusiast like us wouldn’t know.


I agree, the livery is a bit outdated


That livery has been dating back for a long time. When CAAC originally formed in the mid 1900s,they used the current Air China livery. That livery has been on the 707 as well. They’ve kept going with it,and I think it has a nice traditional look.


Slow Oof Plays In The Distance


I disagree. Everyone likes retro liveries and I think AC is a classic, smart and classy livery.


I agree they better make an a350 family if i have a vote you can have it


Hope to see a Garuda Indonesia livery for my future VA


There isn’t Garudusa Indonesia on A350


I know but they have ordered it 30 A350s


Garuda did sign letter of intent for A350s. But they haven’t confirmed their orders and I doubt they ever will considering their current financial conditions unfortunately.




Yep. It’s finally been confirmed.