Airbus A350XWB Family


Could you not speculate please? If you think you’re wrong then don’t say it, that’s spreading rumors which no one wants.


Well go and look for yourself, and make it of what you think! And I also said, we will see… which im pretty sure means don’t get too hyped! I’m only summarizing an idea concerning this topic! And they’ve talked about the A350 in the stream that i’m 100% sure!


Hopefully what they said in the stream about the difficulties with having functioning instruments on a glass cockpit won’t mean the 350 is delayed even more. I would welcome one with non-working instruments which could then have a cockpit ‘rework’ to working instruments once they’ve figured out how to do this.


Let’s hope a350 gets added in 19.2 or 3 And have Philippine airlines livery also @Wyn2x … the more likes I get the more luck we’ll have :))


I wouldn’t get my hopes up, but again, anything is possible! 👍


It’s time to work about the A350. Now it’s the most popular topic.


looking at how the older devices got a lot of issues with the recent graphic updates i think the clouds and buildings feature will be pushed farther so i can only wish that the A350 is getting closer ^_^


Well it might be possible.


so it comes in pro sub right?


Not until it is released


cool so IF says it is coming right?😬
just not soon


nobody knows when, but what we know is the devs are working on 3 new aircrafts!


The A350 would be the priority. A work complet with many liveries, ground effect, gear tilled, some animations, wing flex, more cameras.
After a deserved break by Dev 👍👍


where did you see that???


There was an announcement made. 3 new aircraft are in development. One might come in early 2020.


did they say what kind???


Nobody knows, we’ll have to wait!


NOW I’M intrested:):):):D


can you give me a link?


It says right before 2019 Expos and Events