Airbus A350XWB Family


should i leave the forum then?! i guess i am a bad person i am not allowed to say anything negative,.

i am sorry


I was defending you, man…I’m saying that you are entitled to complain as much as you like, as long as it does not disrupt discussion.

For what seems like the millionth time on this thread…

Let us get back to the Airbus A350, please.


You’re allowed to express your opinion just as I am to express mine. I respect yours in all honestly.

Waiting shouldn’t be a issue, since we all in this together hoping for the A350 to arrive. All of us are waiting patiently, and the development taking mor than year shouldn’t be a bad thing. And we don’t even know if they even has started working on it either, so best to wait and see what this year has to offer and what next year has in store too. Waiting feels like it hurts, butt he best to do it so let go of the strain you have, the need of having the A350 now, take a fresh breathe of air and take some time off to relax and hope that when the A350 does release, it’ll be one of the, if not the best quality aircraft in the sim, outperforming the one in X-Plane and you’ll be very happy with it :)


its okay its my mistake i shouldn’t have complained in the forum itself, its could be sensitive sometimes cause some players hold pride,

back to the a350 Topic i have captured a Qatar Airways a350 today, not good quality footage but


i know some people including myself have mixed feelings about the a350 nose shape and cockpit but looking at it from below gives a whole different feeling, and man this aircraft have big engines


And the engines are very quiet actually. May I ask, have you flown on one before. From persoanl experience, I can say is very beautiful. Quiet, Smooth and Relaxing indeed :)


Speaking of, there’s some cool questions and answers that were posted yesterday. Cool things are in store and that is confirmed and is no lie ;)

Have a look again ✈️❤️


no i have never been on an a350 ;.;

even from outside view the engines are not that loud, you can compare them to the 787 but yeah


Yeah, the engines are very quiet. You are able to sleep with much ease when the noise is reduced. I remember flying with the A350, twice back in 2017, it was one the smoothest flight I’ve been on 🤩


I really just do love the paints on the Delta A350 and the new Cathay Pacific Livery on the 350!


📷 Edited picture of an A350-1000 (Airbus factory livery) cruising above Toulouse Blagnac Airport, making test flights on fuel usage, winds and distant travel distance.
Toulouse as many of you may know, is the main headquarters of the Airbus company, owning a massive manufacturing industry creating and delivering aircrafts to airliners all over the world.
This edited picture was made just for the fun. This is not a real screenshot from any Infinite Flight Development… 😉


So it seems like when it is released, the A350 will not be free, but instead will be includes in the Live Subscription


Oh jeez, first glance had my dieing. 😅


It makes sense. It costs a lot to do what they do, and making it free, is kind of them spending a lot of money and not getting anything in return.


Will the new British Airways A350-1000 be a special / Retro livery or not? 🤔



It probably won’t be…look at the tail. XD


The A350 is just amazing! What do you think about these liveries?


These are the most beautiful liveries 😍


Definitely Frenchbee! 😍


Just want to tell you guys that in the live stream, they said that they’ve seen the popularity of this thread and that they’ve heard us about wanting the A350! If we do the links, I think they are working on it to be released in the next year or so! But, maybe I’m wrong, we’ll have to see :)