Airbus A350XWB Family


Infiniteflight want to ensure all new planes have quality in mind. If they make it now without the info they would need to rework it later. That’s extra work and will be of a lower quality… for now just be patient, it will come.


you guys don’t get what i am saying you just think i am being impatient for no reason. Quality for sure but its will still need some reworks later, you’re wrong if you think the final product will be perfect and won’t require a rework even if they released it after 5 years from now,.

also this topic can be closed if you guys are not accepting any criticism! cause i am afraid i can’t have a negative opinion can i?!


And you think that we are saying the aircraft won’t have any flaws and won’t be needing a rework. By prolonging the release to have to time to add as much detail as possible, as much quality as possible, to add as muc features to it as possible will allow the plane to not need a rework in 2 years time instead work for 5-7 without. And this thread won’t get closed because you feel attacked, when you are not looking at it from our perspective either. All that I was saying was, let it take time so it won’t need multiple reworks every other year which just put another load of unnecessary work in the devs, when instead of reworking a newly released aircraft, they could work on improving other aspects of the simulator.


To add onto that, the developers are slowly starting to try big things on smaller planes (fully detailed cabin on the CRJ, cockpit instruments on the A-10, etc.). This brings a whole plethora of new features that can be used on the A350. Had it come out before the CRJ or A10, it wouldn’t have any of these amazing instruments. It’s such a widely desired plane and they’re probably not gonna release it without all the goodies we have right now.


Sorry, but did you know that the realism on IF is very high, it is considered among some of the best out there. Then again you can’t compare X-Plane 11 with IF as the companies are different in the aspect of how many people actually work for each company and what goals they have in mind. Additionally, X-Plane is mainly focusing on players on PC and IF a mobile sim, two different types simulation audiences.


my opinion won’t have any real effect on the progress so please don’t take it seriously, we can’t all agree to one thing, again i believe a year is not needed unless there’s priorities which could be the actual case ,.

also speaking about realism IF is not even as realistic as X plane 10 on mobile,.


Can you mention any postive things about IF?
What’s your goal with this criticism?


Well I strongly so believe there are other priorities before the A350 and they are to come in the updates in this year. Also to add on, X-Plane 10 on mobile being better that’s your opinion and I respect that, although I would say otherwise, and not agree, but that’s up to you.

Also you have to consider the fact that the A350 models on X-Plane is not that good. I’ve seen it for myself, I know people on IFC who has X-Plane and the A350 is not the absolute best. An something like that would need rework much sooner than it would if released with almost near-perfect quality, ss good as they can make it with all most detailed info about every single part they can get their hands on. Then keep in mind that IF is a mobile sim, adding new high quality objects will drain a lot of power from your device, we can’t have the download process itself take all your battery and storage space can we? Beta testing is a vital process and can take time. Ever thought why some major companies take years to release a minor thing into their game, because they want to get the best out of it before release. Also the data available, looking at A350 in X-Plane it seems to lack in many areas, Airbus may not be willing enough to give out all high confidential details about the A350. They may be more reserved and have stricter copyright laws when it comes to giving out information about their aircraft.

Testing the airplane, with the help of a real life pilot is something IF tends to strive to do. With the A350 they have no pilots who fly the aircraft, which would’ve helped them tremendously in their work forward with the A350. Also if you look at the Air bus fleet in IF, they are all very outdated, most with all with old psychics that could need a rework all together, they served a good 3-5 years but to avoid having to have another half-done Airbus aircraft and to rework every so often, it is better to take the time to refine as much as possible, before releasing it to the public.


I agree that it’s taking them quite awhile to make the a350, but they are the developers so ultimately it’s their decision on when to release it, there’s nothing more us normal players can do, besides, criticizing them being slow is not going to help, so all we can do is wait patiently


just a vent! nothing important bro its not serious don’t take it seriously please, i said a lot of positive things about IF on other topics,

do you advice not saying negative things? cause i am still new to the community am i gonna get banned or something? i wanna know if its okay to criticize,


i know which is why i thought its okay to criticize! as a customer


Realism… you mean graphics? Both have their ups and downs.


do you think they can have access to an a350 pilot?!


They can, but it’s hard to find one. I’m sure time will tell.


no i played x plane 10 before but i got bored because it doesn’t have global, you can chose to have the engines auto start or manual which you have to start the engines like irl pressing buttons here and there, also the weather is crazy,.

but yeah no global no live ATC, i played many mobile simulators IF is the best so far ,.


I just said they don’t have for the A350, but they have had for other aircraft. Why are no taking in the other information I gave you? Is the pilot part the only thing you got stuck on. Did you read through it and considered your opinion to be somewhat vague, perhaps?

If you can’t come with a relevant criticism, that actually makes sense, that we can discuss then there is no point. Since all you want is the A350 right here, right now, when it is not done yet as far as we know. What gives that you can’t wait another year or so? It patience really the lowest ability you have in that case I feel sorry for you since everything you will ever want in life will take time, and that goes for getting you first monthly income, finding a job, finishing school/high school/collage/university, get a get you drivers license, everything worth it in this life takes time.


He is entitled, as a consumer, to complain all he likes. Only when it becomes extremely disruptive to conversation does it warrant such a thing.


how do you define “so much” can you link me the number of complains i have made so far so?!

is thats how you welcome someone on the forum?! if you want me out of here i would leave quietly i don’t want to bother other community members so let me know if what i am doing is wrong i will leave the forum,.


Can you just take it to DMs, before a mod has to close the thread,


Best to take this to PM.
My PM is open if you want to vent :-)