Airbus A350XWB Family


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Many people have pointed out that we shouldn’t be rushing the dev team to make the A350 for the reason that we do not want a half done model, similar to what happened to the 787.

I believe this argument to be flawed. Here’s why:
No one’s requesting for a half done model. I believe it is not in the interest of the community nor the dev team.
The dev team knows better than to do that. Rushing an aircraft just to release it at pre-rework-787 quality is not an option. It would just signal to the users that IF is not committed to bringing its paying customers quality.
Im pretty sure when you make a request thread, you aren’t requesting for a half done model. Imagine if the TBM came out half done. You’d obviously be pissed since that wasn’t what you asked for.


No one’s requesting for a half made plane so stop citing the old 787 model. We’re asking for some steps to be taken (for example, 3d models, liveries) before IF can get their hands on credible physics data for the aircraft.

More than half of the Airbus fleet in IF is half done. Doesn’t that mean something should also be done about it?


WIth 3 aircraft confirmed to be coming this year, most people will be highly disappointed if one of those isn’t the 350.

Surely they already know what these three aircraft will be.

I hope that if the 350 is not one of them, they will have the compassion for us all to tell us now rather than keep us waiting and speculating and then be disappointed.


No one said you should keep speculating, in fact people have requested that others don’t speculate. And in regards to the waiting, just enjoy what Infinite Flight has to offer now, I think you underestimate the brilliance of the game/sim we currently have. It’s just common human desire to ‘want more’ as no one’s ever purely satisfied with what they’ve got, but when you seriously take a look at the game and the improvements that are actively still being made, no one can deny that it is impressive.


Speculating leads to disappointment… hmm… you know getting your hopes too high, a bit too high, keep it your hope alive but don’t let it go astray. It is easy to wander off somewhere and find yourself lost, therefore, you should keep being on track, and by that I mean, don’t speculate too far, in-fact don’t speculate at all. Now I’m not forbidding you or anyone from speculating, I do so too many times, but there is red line not to be crossed, and you should know where the limit goes, for not hopning for something too much and get disappointed in the end.

Let me give you and everyone else a piece of advice: Hope for what you believe in but don’t let your hopes be more than you can control. In the end, you are to know what you should believe in and what to disregard. Speculating too much will cause you to lose hope.

Also you said this:

Well, you know, the developers aren’t really working for Airbus, so they can get their hands on all the information at once. Whatever difficulty they are having, there is a clear reason for that, and by announcing the issue currently persistent, they may be pouring salt on your wounds, so to say. Better kept within the company, to solve and release the A350 when they are done completely, and can for sure make an announcement that will bring happiness and joy to our faces :)

In short, just keep your fighting spirit up, the A350 will be launched one day, it may or may not be one the of the 3, and don’t go overboard speculating or getting your expectation too high, keep them there but not to go to far, so you don’t end up disappointed. Think of like, the A350 is on its way, but there are strong headwinds and turbulence, making it delayed and it has to divert before continuing, so it is on the way, but it is taking time.


Strange analogy, but I agree with everything you said. The A350 will come on it’s own time, but for now, we wait, quietly, anxiously, desperate for this aircraft to come.


Do we actually know if the devs are working on it?

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@OtoeTiger88 only time will tell :)

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What I expected but not what I wanted to hear

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I, myself wouldn’t say that I atleast am not desperate for the A350 or waiting desperately. I am a very patient person so I kinda don’t mind nor care when it comes out. I just like everyone else really really want it but I don’t tend to get overly anxious or anxious at all for it’s release. I go worry free and don’t think too much of what the future has for us. All in all, it is better to focus on what is now then what will happen 5 years doen the road which in something nonone can tell for sure. So in that sense, I don’t really care that much for when it is released, as long as it is and it has all the key features, being a top of line quality aircraft that we’ll be pleased with with the years to come 🙂


I really say desperate when you take into consideration all the people on Instagram.


They did say that 3 planes are being worked on and are in development so maybe one of those planes might be the a350 ;)


I hope the a 350 is not the one released in 2020.


Wish granted. Now, the A350 isn’t released till after 2020.



Ahahahaahahah well… I think so

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i will be dead before 2020 i don’t think i can make it to 2020, the a350 should be here already, the aircraft is out for few years already, its just a virtual airliner on a simulator not building a house irl so its shouldn’t take a year unless there’s stuff that are more important than the a350!

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Amen 🤲

God have mercy on this poor soul 🙌

Yeah, Qatar Airways was the launch customer quite some years ago 🛫

That’s what she said 😜

I think Qatar Airways, Cathay, Singapore Airlines and the A350 operating airlines are real 😏

I build a house made out of clay in kindergarten 15 years ago, that was fun 😆

It’s taking more than a year, and for reasonable reasons too ✨

Quality, Quality and… did I forget something… hmmmm, oh yeah, Quality! 😉


You know, drawing CAD models are not as simple as 1… 2… 3…

Considering all the details put into today’s models that are in the game, it takes longer than before. All the beta testing and perfection needed to reach before publishing. Also not to mention what data is available out there, what data Airbus actually allows for companies to gather, that may or may not be a difficulty to get your hands on. So the A350 out since 2013 something, I think, well that doesn’t matter, how long it has been out. If the devs are working on other features and are not able to retrieve information due to various reasons that that be it, nothing you can do to hurry the process. They will do their best and what’s best for us but for now, we may not know when the A350 is scheduled to be released in IF.

Patience is the essence of things in life. If you’ve been waiting for years, what keeps you from waiting a bit longer? Oh, you’re going to die before 2020? If that’s a joke, then shame on you for saying something like that so bluntly.


what you don’t get is this simulator is not FSX nor Xplane 11 so the details won’t be as accurate therefore its won’t really need a year to finish it,. for example the planes with the best cockpits in IF so far is the a320 but its realism and accuracy is still not on the Xplane 11 level yet x plane 11 already have the airbus a350,

this is just a criticism from my personal opinion which won’t gonna effect anything so don’t take it seriously, i pay to play the global so i have the right to criticize,.

its not that deep bro, also sarcasm


I don’t think the A350 in xplane is very realistic, if Infiniteflight is missing information x plane will most likely not have the same information available, meaning it can’t be very realistic…


just like the planes we have now, anything missing can be added later as rework or few extra edits like the a330 which they are working on to improve it,. even if we waited 5 more years that doesn’t mean the product will be perfect,.