Airbus A350XWB Family


Same here!


But you won’t know how long you’ll have to wait for these small hardworking developer team to even make all of this. As Jason mentioned in the General Update announcement he said that some aircrafts would take until 2020 for some following obstacles in the development…


I know but i’m just saying that whenever it comes out with live instruments, I would have a heart attack! I’m not saying anything negative… I was exaggerating… I’m not pushing the development. It was just a joke!


That would be the worst prank ever


Omg that would be soooo epic 🤩


Imagine where all these votes would go if this was added and the topic closed…🤯


They would be returned to who voted for it


That doesn’t matter. Voting shows the information on how much the people want it. The numbers won’t matter once the update comes out. The community will continue to thrive anyways.


I was just wondering where the 1200 votes would be placed next. Lol. That’s a lot of other features that could see a vote boost. I know they go back to who they once came.


On other features, is my basic answer.


It would probably go to the Next Big Thing. The A220, 737-MAX series, B777 Rework, etc.


If you think it’s real it’s a photoshop.


Yeah, i don’t think it real



I’ve been deleting the fake A350 work in progress photo. Nothing related to the A350 has been mentioned by Infinite Flight. The photo is only speculation and you will find official WIP information on Infinite Flight social media first. If it’s not on Infinite Flight’s social media, it’s highly likely that what you’re seeing is not true. I know it’s fun and all but a lot of folks will believe that it’s real. This could cause additional and unforeseen issues should Infinite Flight have to deal with an influx of questioning regarding a fake post. Thanks for the understanding.



Mine would be kept by me till I find something else worth my vote 🗳


Thanks for the notice @DeerCrusher. I thought I was dreaming when I couldn’t find it. Now I know the truth. Thank you


You know it’s an amazing photoshop when people think it’s real.


Yeah it was amazing! I almost choked on my breakfast in excitement 😅


I am so and very sorry for being that person. I have made a bad mistake and I don’t expect to be forgiven but I am very sorry for my mistake that I have made and I now know not to do it again. I’m so sorry


You don’t need to be sorry. I understand the intention wasn’t to do any harm. I will say, you made it very believable. 🙂