Airbus A350XWB Family


I think it’s more likely that this very, very highly requested livery would come in the next update by itself vs the a350 actually coming.


They already confirmed that no new liveries or aircraft will come to the next update. Only some bug fixes regarding the A330 along with easily added coding from the new features on others (Ground effect) and the app optimization along with replay in global. If it is unknown then it is something different.




Because it’s an unknown livery.


But @USA007 just said no new liveries were coming. Im confused.


I never said that this livery is coming, all i’m stating is that he is flying the 777. Not the 350. We’re getting a bit off topic here, PM me to talk further.


Why is this speculation taking place here anyway? It’s a B77W.


Nobody said the A350 or new 77W liveries would be in 19.1


Jason actually did.


I think the a350 series will be a big hit as most long haul aircraft don’t have updated stuff like the 787, I would certainly fly long hauls with it all the time :)


Ok, I will take my bad on that one, let’s not promote confusion then.


Some friends of mine decided to intercept Misha on this flight and what they saw was a blue B777-300ER, similar to KLM.


Like all the replies I got excited but then…


I actually thought that was real. I totally freaked out😂


Any pictures?


I think we will 100% see this post on their Instagram on 1st April xD


I’m just throwing it out there… new liveries in the work perhaps. No speculation but I’ve been thinking since they added a few callsigns last year whereas those airlines operate the 777-300ER. I felt they just cake out of order with a lot of 737 operators and now this possible TAM route I saw him do yesterday, funnily in a KLM livery… we may wait and see what they have in store for. I shall be a pleasant surprise. I got nothing more to say than, I Welcome whatever they are up to with the 777-300ER 😉

Also just want to say if he had flown the A350, we others would not been able to see his aircraft. Sooo something else os up here 😜

Either way let’s get back on track and keep speculations minimal but somewhapresent to keep our hopes and wishes running. We pray for the best and we know that they will deliver the best quality product no matter what it may be 🔥

Back on-topic with the A350 discussion now or else I might go too far off track as well so let’s leave Misha to fly and keep talking A350 🙂


Credits : Xplane via Google Images

Everyone would be pretty happy having the cockpit instruments accurately in place. It looks awesome, isn’t it?
This is just a random picture from Xplane, which they have done a pretty good job with this…

I will soon start editing screenshots of the A350 XWB into Infinite Flight, just for the fun, why not?


If the A350 came out with live instruments, I think I would die of a heart attack lol


Lol same here to be honest.