Airbus A350XWB Family


I think with the A350 these liveries have got to be added. So many diverse routes can be flown with just these two aircraft.


All the main liveries would be added anyways, since this is not an existing aircraft in Infinite Flight.


Hi everyone. Could someone confirm for me if Singapore Airlines is the only operator of the -900ULR variant as of now.

I’ve been looking around and have only found that since SQ bought the ULR, there has nt been any other airline which has ordered it formally and has it confirmed in their order book unless, what I’m afraid of it hat I may have missed out on the news of someone maybe doing it. So just curious to know if I’m correct in that SQ is the only -900ULR operator or not?


Yeah I think they’re the only operator right now.


Thanks Matt. And to confirm, there are currently no other firm orders on the ULR from any other carriers?


There is none, but Qantas is looking at the A35KULR


Yup, that one I have heard about. Some very interesting news from them I gotta say. They have been considering both the 777X and A35KULR but is leaning more towards the -1000ULR now. Time will tell which one they opt for and depending on their needs, business model and route demand, it could be either one. It’s a intriguing choice they have to make for Project Sunrise.

But as of now no news on the -900ULR, got it. Thanks Daniel :)


That’d be really cool, one day :)


One day for sure! :)


C’mon man! You can’t scare us like that, I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement until I looked down at the caption :l

Anyways, nice edit though, let’s keep our fingers crossed we see a legit one sometime in the near future.


You fooled me! 😂 I actually got excited for a minute


I actually thought that was real. You have actually got all the detail I was angry when i found out that was fake LOL


That’s Infinite Flight’s April Fools post right there!


April Fools is early this year I see… Need to prepare myself better next time… 😮


Everyone would be exited when they see that on there insta but then find out it is for april fools


Oh, my soul hurts…

What a wonderful photoshop. It really looks real!


Misha from JFK to São Paulo on a unknown airframe? Hmmmm…


Does seem interesting, sure. But…


Just gonna leave this here:


Kinda had the same suspicion, yeah…