Airbus A350XWB Family


If the A350 would come with just one livery, it would be this one for me


Well the story about the rushed aircraft or updates are obvious to me now. I also just want to see is what are the developers currently working on after the Multiplayer Replay Update. That question is what I have been wondering about for a really long time.

Not trying to go off-topic, I’d prefer the aircraft reworks before the A350 rolls out.

I predict that it will take a really long time for the aircraft to roll out somewhere this year or the next. The situation is unknown.


We will have to wait and see what surprise they have in store for us 😉


Im not expecting the a350 anytime soon. If the a330 rework has been waiting for 3 years how long do you think it will take for them to add another aircraft plus add liveries and get correct physics.


1200 votes. YES


1200 votes does not really matter, as they only use this to gauge interest.


Ah! thats hot!


That sums up everything in my head that I’ve always wanted to say but was too scared. Thanks man!


Have you seen A7-ALZ yet? 🤩😍 Basically that but special livery.
Image link


the one world livery, yeah it looks soooo good


A350-1000 right?


Yessir it is!


do u think IF will add Qatar airways A350-1000 livery in? because the first customer of A350-1000 is Qatar airways :)


yep, I have tried this A7-ALZ when I first come to uk


probably because they were the first customers:)


Please back up your claim with evidence. If this is untrue, please refrain from speculation


They are likely doing something about it, but we’d like to have some kind of proof before you mislead people.


I have gotten the ambiguous proclamation from IF recent Instagram post. It is not substantiated for me to specify conjecturing the conceivable pronouncement. If you are undoubtedly wanting to apperceive the information, you may anticipate on IF main Instagram page


You can’t just say big things and not give a source. Speculation is highly looked away from in the community. If you say something about the A350, then give a link please.


I have been on the delta a350 6 times and I just fell in love with it. It’s such a beautiful plane and when they release it I will literally never stop using it.