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What is going on?


Let’s keep on the topic of the A350 please ☺️🙄


Impatience… hmmm. I used to be a victim of that. Since a young age, I was taught to wait, and to wait would bring what you waited for. But as you grow, and go through different stages of life, patience is one key ability many humans lose and can’t keep track of.

I don’t blame that a few of you are on the edge of your seat, speculating, although I’d highly refrain from doing so, since it is inevitable that some will begin to say… psst the A350 might come today at 2200Z for FREE.

You could have a general discussion about this beautiful bird, marvellous engineering, but leaping ahead of time and spread false rumours and bring up false hope among people is not seen positively.

So before you were to type those words you have in your mind, wanting to be read publically, think more than twice whether that is necessary, correct and factual. The A350 won’t be here tomorrow because you said: What if they announce it as a surprise!! woohoo!!

I really hope that most of you have something else to do, other than sitting around waiting for the A350. The more you crave for it, the more you ask for it, the more you complain about it, the more you speculate about it, the more you will annoy those waiting patiently, knowing that whoever waits for something good, never waits for too long.


The point is that we all do not know what is going on. That is what I am trying to say. We should also stick with what we currently have. That would also mean we should stop predicting when this is a topic about the A350.


I’ll have to say a few points.

why do you work on a cessna rework ?? No one is interested in the machine. Everyone would like to see the a350.

or what about the a330 rework?

there is nothing because you have no information again, right?

but for a cessna you have information?

you do not need to come every time with patience is key … that tells you the hundredth time already.

Thousands of us would like to see the a350 or a rework of a330.

that is our right to see these fliers.

if you are not able to add the planes, then you should not allow thread to go around airplanes.

The thread has been active for 3 years and nothing has happened. Do you seriously have no information in 3 years or how?

You can also delete this comment. but I will write it again and again.


Wow,Wowed …ok


The A350 is a new aircraft just keep this in mind, up until recently Qatar was the main operator, this is not great as they aren’t sharing their aircraft performance data with random people. If we wait until it’s more common then we will begin to know more about the performance, we could have it now but it would not be accurate so I ask you what’s the point?


It’s not about having an A350. It’s about having the highest quality of that plane. If the devs were to hurry and release the A350 with poor quality, the complaints they would get…

They know that we want this aircraft and they want to have it shipped with the best quality.


okay the a350 can be understood. but what about the a330?

why does everything always take such an extremely long time with the rework?


Like what @Kiz said
It’s about quality.


Because they want the aircraft at top performance. The devs don’t want us to fly glitchy and laggy aircraft so that’s why they spend so long on them.


They want to get as much info as possible. It may be due to Airbus’s copyrighting information hence being difficult to obtain the info.

Quality first.


Hey, @Harun_Koyuncu! I know you’re interested in the A350 like the thousands of users, and yes, the plane will be coming in the future, but for now instead of complaining and criticising people for it not being in the simulator, why not enjoy the rest of the airliners we currently have? 😉

I totally understand this is an A350 topic and that thousands of people do have votes for this aircraft, but I’m pretty sure people out there will want a rework of the old Cessnas and Military Jets. I’ve seen people fly them, they’re not common and they’re not rare, but people fly them. I honestly think those people deserve a rework. Especially those who are patient and are flying these old birds with odd flight physics!

Quality is changing, and I think the old eye sores should be fixed up to the highest quality so we have a reason to stand out, and not why we don’t.

Well compared to the MY13 A350-900, which is still quite recent, the Cessna has been in production (and still currently is) for a while. There are more Cessna’s than A350’s. And the reason for the technical information being more accurate for the Cessna is because of that same reason. More people fly a Cessna than an A350.

Yes, I agree. I’m not a fan of the A350. But the A330 I do like. You just need to be like the rest of the thousands and be patient and appreciate whatever comes first. Airliner or no airliner, just appreciate all the hard work the developers put in to this amazing simulator. 😇

As said previously, the technical information can be complicated to get sometimes. I don’t know how it works, but just imagine the developers asking Airbus for top secret A350 technical information, that hasn’t been released. It might be more than that or it might be less but still, it’s a very lengthy process no matter what.

And what most others have said, Quality over Quantity. What matters (to me) is that we have aircraft at the highest quality. Technical information is vital for the highest quality model which you and others may enjoy one of these days. And not only that, Quality is changing. Just to think we’ve gone from Wingflex to Interior Cabins and now to Live “Steam Gauge” instruments. The developers do try, and you need to appreciate that they spend hard time on new features.

Good luck here. Hey man, I’m trying to be nice as possible but I think you just need to let the river flow in whatever direction it goes this year. Appreciate the little things. Something will happen but all we can do is wait. The developers know how much you want this Airbus, but before they start they have to create a plan or a foundation of how this is going to work. We will get there one day, just not yet. 😉


Yeah, why does it take so much time? Why does all the good stuff require patience and time at its maximum?

Ever thought about why it takes 9 months for a child to form and be ready to enter this world? What happens to if the child is born 5 months early…? You guessed it, he/she does not survive. But JR, there are babies born early, right? Yes, like my cousin’s third daughter, who was born 3 months early and on the brink of passing away too many times because she was born too soon. If you think about, what would happen if they were to release a rushed, barely finished, unpolished A350 or even a A330 rework now? It’d be in need of a rework again very soon, wouldn’t it?

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my last post? Rush it, you kill it. Why did I bring up the scenario with a child’s birth? You rush the birth and you will be in despair as he/she may never live a life to be lived. You rush the rework or development and the plane will crash time after time with physics from hell and nowhere near to satisfy your needs/desire.

If Airbus were to release the A330neo or A350, 50% finished then they would’ve been a laughingstock for the whole aviation industry. They took year and years to advance in their technology and thought hard and long before using the correct components to make a light, strong and capable aircraft that market wants and to be able to compete with the fierce competition out there. Just like it takes for a child, 9 months to fully develop before birth, it takes years for an aircraft of this engineering tech to be fully developed. Considering all the hard work the developers put in, all the time they sacrifice to come closer and closer each day with their projects, the least we could do is be grateful for what we have.

Let me give you all another example. Let say you rush through your homework, your relationship with BF/GF or to get your driver’s license… where do you think you’ll stand at the end of the day? Square one? No, you’ll be lost in what you once were fighting for. You have to recollect all the missing pieces, of where you failed and begin from a different standpoint. Rushing the rework and messing it up, would put the devs in a tight position where they would have to rework again after again after again to finally be able to deliver what they hoped for to begin with.

  • Hey! What would happen if you from hooking up with the Boy or Girl of you dream only to crush everything into pieces because you took thing 15 steps too far, too fast?

  • Wait! You rushed your homework and missed 90% of the meaning of it, now youre bound to fail the exam coming up, right?

  • Oh! Your driver’s license… haha, you ain’t getting cuz you just drove off a cliff in order to hurry the practical test, didn’t you?

All goes down the drain, it takes time to work as nature allows it work. How it is supposed to work, the harmony, the flow, only comes with time. So give it a rest and let each day pass, and use them productively, and when you least expect it, the A330 rework and A350 will be in IF to be flown wherever you like :)


let’s calm down


In the meantime … we’re still dreaming …


Glad we’re all calm here A330 topic crazy, 300+ comments yesterday


Yes I see that, the topic A330 part anyhow, I think it will not be long here 😂😂
Good luck



Would love to fly HKG-IAD with this bad boy


It really is a beauty - I regularly see them landing at Gatwick