Airbus A350XWB Family


Amazing plane, I flew a few months ago for the first time. Cathay Pacific A350 was such a great experience!


My favourite!l want it to appear!


I can not believe, that I haven`t voted for this yet!
HERE take my vote! 🤩


There should really be a mass Airbus rework including the rework of the A330, A340 and A380 and adding the A350.


I’d love the A350 :)


I feel like they gonna add this next year lol cuz isn’t it that every year they add new planes


You never know when the Developers will add it. :)


The A350 was actually made to replace the A330 as airlines were getting tired of it. There was an A350-800 but European airlines deemed it too much like the A330-200.


1174 votes! wow people realy want this


I do, that’s for sure


But the A330 rework has more than that.




Maybe a hint?


No it’s just a joke for people asking about the A350 nonstop.


Please don’t speculate


Lol, probably. I wish more people knew about the forums, so they would know that IF knows what we want. 😂


That’s what it is going to be if you keep speculating🤷‍♂️


Please stop speculating


Please stop speculating.

We still do not have enough information if the A350 will be realesed or not. The developers might be working on a Cessna 172 rework,better scenery,or more liveries. They may not even be working on anything at all.

Until it can be officially confirmed,please stop speculating,thanks.


But you just speculated a Cessna rework. 😅 Just kidding. I know what is going on anyways.