Airbus A350XWB Family


Just its been 2 years since this thing has been opened and everyone wants it tho…


Yea, we need a Boeing 787 competitor in IF


thank you @T1MMY4L1F3_YT


You both should refer to this topic. Remember the voting system is basically for data. Just shows what We want, not just like this topic has the most votes, so it should be first in priority.


I know, But you want it too right?


Sure, I’d love a A350 to be in game. But it’s their choice what goes in the game. And if your frustrated at something that got put in the game that you didn’t want, then you shouldn’t pay.


Gonna refer back to my post


Why did they relies the 787-10 when the aircraft was not flying


The community wanted the 787 Family. So they released it all prematurely. And they then had to fix the mistakes that came with it. So they aren’t wanting a repeat of that fiasco


I don’t understand the 787 family was not a fiasco. It’s even one of the best IF aircraft


When the 787 was first released it was a fiasco. Now its one of the best aircraft in the game. But at first… we don’t speak of those days


Yeah we kind of need a competitor to the 787 since the a330 and a340 aren’t really good enough for it.


Remember to add the SAS livery even tough they hasn’t been delivered yet (being delivered in 2019)


The 787 did not have any animated parts, just the -9 version was in the game, only the the Virgin Atlantic Livery was there, and the physics were highly inaccurate. It was kind of like the C-17 and the old CRJ-200. Then the devs did a rework for it later. They are hoping that by waiting they can make a high quality up to standard A350 rather than make an inaccurate one and just have to rework it in a few years like the 787 family.


Well, when the 787 was reworked it was the same age the A350 is


787 family are wrong at wings and horizontal stabilizer, you can search Google and compare it. A350 is one of famous aircraft in the world even IF players, they really need A350 but Dev still a lots work to do like rework A330/340, B757/767, B747s. Those planes aren’t rework yet, even scenery graphics like South American, South ASEAN and some islands on Pacific & Atlantic Ocean haven’t improve! A350s would be nice but later!


This isn’t the only feature around for a long time taxi lights feature has been also around for about 3 years and many other


I just want any brand new or reworked Airbus aircraft Bc all of Long haul Airbus aircrafts are not reworked and their animations are just like out of the order


no hate… but I think the staff I finding this a solid MEME now!

A350 a meme yet


Me to! Absolutely lovely.