Airbus A350XWB Family


Infinite Flight has a Snapchat? I never knew about that…

Be sure to check your sources. As far as I’m aware, IF doesn’t have an official Snapchat.


IF has snapchat? lol


I agree. I’m assuming the devs are working on something now and we can all agree that it would be nice if they told us what they were working on. No one really likes ‘suspense’ that lasts for a long time.


The A350 will come when the A350 comes. If this year or next. It’ll come eventually. However we don’t want it rushed, otherwise we’ll have the same issue as we do with the 787 family.

A rushed and broken A350 will mean people who want the A350 Now, will complain about it and not like it. It’ll comes when it comes.


I agree with you. But what do we not like about the 787? @Connor Also I’m not really complaining about the time it takes for the update to roll out, I just wish they would tell us a bit sooner what their next project was.


The 787 family was released early without all the information being out there. They did fix the mistakes made but a repeat of that is what IFLLC is trying to avoid. By making sure all the relevant information is there before they work on it is key to not having a buggy aircraft


Oh. I think I was taking a break from IF when this happened. Unless you’re talking about the first 787 with only the Virgin Atlantic livery. That thing was (Let’s say not the greatest.) But I agree with that. Like I said though, I don’t care how long the update itself takes, I just wish the devs would let us know for example “We’ve begun a soft rework of the 777” or something like that.


That’d ruin the surprise

But in all honesty, if they announce something, like a release date or an aircraft. People would go mental, rightfully so. But then they’d have to make sure everything was done to good standards and if not then… well. you have incidents per-say


Numerous people are waiting for the update colleague here.

This thread has been active for 3 years. I do not need to get there with 787. I always read the same argument, yes, the 787 is exactly the same. I do not care if they look the same. I would like to see the a350. Me and many others too.

at least we should give them a date. just a date even if it comes next year please give a date when it comes out!

exactly the same applies to the a330 we have been waiting for the eternity on that.


Totally agree. as you say it’s been 3 years we expect, so just a date or news of the progress of the project.


Probably just a fan account


I don’t think IF has a Snapchat account. I wouldn’t spread misinformation.



I think talk of/mentioning IF’s talk about A350 on social media is fine, as it’s related to the A350. What is not fine is spreading fake information to others.


There isn’t any reason to comment things like “I don’t think that they have a Snapchat”, or “don’t spread misinformation”. Just simply flag the post and move on. 👍


I would expect the a350 at least next year and onwards as it is only a new plane and getting the graphics and physics for this aircraft might take a while so something like the a330 rework is what everyone should be worried about ad that has been waiting 3 years for and has the most votes on the forum. So in the time being can everyone just be patient.
Infinite flight will release this update when the get all the correct information for the plane. Thanks


@George im pretty sure you got a lot of attention through this thread haha


Aah my old topic. Surprisingly, a popular topic that allowed for open debate surrounding an issue that irritates a huge amount of the community was shut down after two days. I wonder why?

But anyway, lots of love for the A350 but, personally, I’d be more interested in the A330 as it flies to more destinations and is more popular in terms of voting, however, I’d be perfectly happy with both.


so will one of the IF workers say if they are making on this topic or something(how many votes does it take to get it in IF)


A given amount of votes does not determine whether or not the developers will add the aircraft. As of now, the developers have not announced anything on making the A350. It’s all about patience.