Airbus A350XWB Family




That sounds promising! The question is when…

Looking forward to it though! Will be an amazing addition to the fleet on IF.


I think we are getting a update in the middle of March.


There’s a difference between thinking and knowing. If you think, you don’t know, so until you know something, don’t think it.


Ok you mean I can’t think about anything


All I am saying is, you have no clue when the next update is. Predicting it won’t makw it come out any sooner, or later. Just sit back and chillax until we are officially notified about the next update from the staff.


But I am only just thinking when the update is coming.


Thinking can lead to speculation and speculation on the forum means all hell breaks loose. Your allowed to think and comment on what might come with it. But not when, or if this aircraft will be involved.


If it ever comes out this year, probably not, the first flight would be Singapore to Newark because it is the longest flight in the world.


@Chris_Hoover and @Connor you guys need to chill. There are so many people on here complaining about people discussing the A350. They’re causing more trouble than the people who are actually asking for the plane. This is the A350 family topic. People will think about the A350 here and that’s the point. I don’t see anything wrong with @Air2’s comment.

Also, @Chris_Hoover what you wrote doesn’t make sense:
“If you think, you don’t know, so until you know something, don’t think it.”
Think about it… pun intended.

Jokes aside, this topic is for people to express their opinions on, and think about, the A350. I’m trying to understand why so many users on here feel the need to shutdown those who talk about the A350. This seems to cause more drama than people actually discussing the aircraft. My hypothesis is that it’s a weird power trip off telling someone they can’t have something. That’s just speculation though…

PM and I’ll be happy to talk more, I’d actually like to hear your thoughts on this as well.


I also voted 👍 . I like everything thing of this aircraft the wide body the engines etc. And I will be very happy 😊 if it will come in Infinite Flight.


This should definitely be the next plane that’s added


We need the A350 to be added! Please add it!


We have so much votes so i think we Will get it


I think when FDS add this thing IF is going to be flooded with it. Think about it. Entire EGLL is this thing.


Would be cool pretty cool tbh.


Especially if it was the first commercial aircraft with live instruments. That would be absolutely crazy 😂


Yeah, it will be hard to fly other planes


Same for KLAX. People will use them on short one hour flights like KLAX to KSFO or KJFK to KBOS. It would be great for long haul and ultra long haul but not what I said above


You’re so right