Airbus A350XWB Family


I don’t think its fair to add 540 directly, some votes among the 1k may be revotes from the 540

Nevertheless, still a highly demanded plane ;)


I think it will come on the end of 2019 or the start of 2020 cuz this year many airlines are getting the a350.


Nice way to say it :D
Sure I’d love to see an A350, but reading IF‘s Instagram comments or the ratings in the App Store has become some sort of let’s say ”exhausting“ because every third comment says please add A350 thx. I’m pretty curious how excited all those people are when the A350 gets released, but I’m also sure that there’ll be another plane like the Concorde or the A220 which will be asked for all the time.


What do we expect A350 in 2019? here are the Airlines set to receive Airbus A350’s.


Credits: Sam Chui


vote for this


One day this will release and hopefully the community and fans will be settled and happy forever! :)


I agree with everything but forever. You know the CS100 and CS300 are ‘old enough’ that some will clamor for its’ development.

I would personally love a new 757.


We already have a 757. We don’t have an A350 do we? I know reworks are necessary but I just really want a new airbus to come into the game because there is barely a variety. There is only the A333 not A332 and it’s not even reworked.


We have the A330-200F, which is still considered a -200 model.


Okay, guys, A350 talk here.


I just want the a350 bad lmao my bad


Yeah we need A350 family. I honestly don’t know what they mean by not enough information when Wikipedia and internet provide all the informations needed just as length and pic of cockpit as well as the model


The development team wants a very realistic model. Think of the TBM or the CRJ update and how those aircraft are the most popular in their class in the sim. The devs definitely want to deliver an excellent A350 model. We just have to be patient.

Moreover, this issue may have to do with copyright policies of Airbus, the ones who possess the patent for the A350.

Time will tell.


Thank you for clearing this out. Definitely looking toward the future of this simulator with the modern aircraft being added in the game!


I’ve been critical than most about the A350 and its addition to Infinite Flight, but I will say this… Sometimes we should just appreciate what we have at the moment, no doubt in my mind the A350 will come and when it does it will be better than anything we got now. If I’ve learned anything from being in the community for over 3 years, there is method to their madness and the Devs never dissapoint when a product does come out.


We have all the airbus and Boeing generation as of today why not have the A350? Take my vote please I want this so bad everyone loves the A350. I’m surprised that we don’t have the A350. :(


Just treat the 787 like an A350 😂😂😂😂😂


This is not enough. The physics and its behavior in the air needs to be coded as well, and since some variants haven’t been in service for too long (A35K, A359ULR) this data might still be limited. And as we know FDS from the recent updates, if they add or rework an aircraft they add multiple variants.


Omg I am so hyped for when this is eventually released - when it is I’m sure this community will go completely crazy.

Anyway, I love the A350 and would love to see it in Infinite Flight - I want to fly SIN-EWR but in the A350 rather than the 787 - as well as many other A350 routes that I keep having to use the 787 for.


I personaly LOVE the Airbus A350-1000 XWB, i even set it as my profile pictue on discord, i would LOVE the see the A350 be added, it would give more options for airline liveries and more, it’s kind of like the competitor of the 787 in a way :) anyway i love it i hope it gets added and i deffinetly voted :) ;) <3 <3