Airbus A350XWB Family


Patience, the beautiful bird will come one day…


I hope the A350 will be in infinite flight before 2020 because they are the most beautiful fight does exist by airbus plane :

Finnair is my favorite i love it



Keep the votes coming,and we may hopefully get this beautiful aircraft next year!


Small reminder that this topic has actually more than 1000 votes, when this topic closed the votes got reset. We had approximately 540 votes when it reset. If we do quick maths and we addition the current number of votes with the ones before, we have ~1515 votes.

975 + 540 = 1515.

I hope we get the A350 in 2019!


So if it’s the A330 or the A350, I’m sure we get at least one Airbus long-hauler in 2019. It‘s obvious that the community wants a high-quality Airbus.


The sheer number of flights flown by the A350 grows by the minute. I do hope we can see this aircraft in the near future.


It sure does, and for the sake of realism, many more routes to fly would open up when the A350 makes its way in to IF in the future. There are a big amount of interesting routes to fly with the A350 and I hope we all do get to try those out, hopefully very soon :)


Let’s aim for 2019 votes! A350 here we come!


what a genius idea😂😂😂👍👍👍


It would be nice to see the A220 and the A350 come out together or the bombodier c series whitch ever you guys call it.


I’m pretty sure all the devs will fight about what to call it.

On the left corner,DeerCrusher,fighting for the name CS300!
On the right corner,MishaCamp,fighting for the name A220!


I’m tired of substituting the 787 on A350 routes. I sure hope this comes in 2019. I will be patiently waiting for this graceful lady to arrive.

Favorite A350 livery: Lufthansa (old)

My photo of an LH A350 landing at DEN:


The only thing that sucks is the people who think that the A350 is a 787 😂😂


I hope Qantas gets an A350-1000 for their “Project Sunrise”… 🙂


1 vote left until 1,000 guys!!!


I am the 1000!!



@MarLatiSpotter was the 1000 voter! This is just the 2nd topic to surpass 1000 votes,after the A330 rework thread!

Let’s all hope,whether Airbus fan or Boeing fan, that we get this beautiful bird sometime in 2019!


Nonono! Did you read this:

This topic has more votes than the A330 rework! I’m not sure if this is the 2nd topic that has achieved 1000 votes but I know that the A330 Rework has less votes than the A350 topic. The votes:
A350: 1500+ votes
A330: 1189+ votes

Votes: 1500 > 1189
Plane: A350 > A330

Conclusion: A350 request has the most votes on the forum

Sorry if I come around harsh.


Yes,I did read that of course,and you weren’t harsh,I understand that you were just correcting me. That’s why I put this:


It’s the same thread, so technically this thread has 1500+ votes. This is the first and only thread about the request of the A350.