Airbus A350XWB Family


Nice edit!!!


It looks so real


The preportions of the engines throw me off. Nice concept though!


i have voted this is awesome


I wish I could have come in the next updates the LATAM A350


It almost looks like the A350 is in infinite flight.
Cool picture.


A350 is bigger than the 787 and smaller than the 777 and is the most beautiful airplane and extordonary design


It will be cool when the rework from a330-300 to add 350-900 and a350-100
and a330-200!!!

I hope it will come out soon😁😆!!!


I mean a350-1000


I don’t know if you know this but you can edit you post;)


Let’s get this up over 1000 before the new year…

I feel it’s coming in 2019. We’ve had the regional jets, GA, A10, now for the wide body stuff that everyone wants please…


congrats for 950


Guys I have an idea, everyone create a second account in IF and vote for this.


Nah that’ll get you banned on one account and suspended on another


That was just a joke.


I’m sorry mate you know how it is with the internet and not being able to read facial expressions,
If you wanna get more votes you gotta persuade or find people that love the a350 or anyone to vote for it


I’m glad we’re past the GA/military updates. There are very few people flying the TBM or A-10 at the moment according to LiveFlight. I think this comes down to the fact that the scenery isn’t high enough res to make low level flight enjoyable. However, at FL300+ it looks incredible. That’s why it’s not really fair for these aircraft.

Hopefully we’ll hear about the next update soon, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll see the A350 in 2019.


It kinda looks to low for flying FL300+ though
IRL it’s more high, things look smaller!
I hope they do something about it.


Yes it’s not perfect but it’s way worse at low level.


This AIRCRAFT needs to be in IF