Airbus A350XWB Family


A Dev tail striking… What a great sim lol
You don’t get to see that every day do ya you lucky boy!!


It doesn’t have to be a A350, could be a A330, but clearly it was a 737, so lets not speculate on that.


It looks like everybody in the community wants the A350. That’s one aircraft we have been waiting for. We already passed the vote threshold . FDS please grant our wishes as a Christmas present.


Probably won’t happen, but we’re all hoping next year


One, not everyone wants the A350, a lot, but not everyone. Two, there are people who love GA who until recently had aircraft that did not fly well. Those people I’m sure, want more GA over an A350. Three, there is no “vote threshold” to pass. Votes are simply a way for the staff to see what the community wants in an organized way. And lastly, the A350 will not be coming before Christmas. It is impossible. The developers have repeatedly said that it will be some time until the A350 is released.


I mean a long haul 737 that’s something to consider hopping the pond haha!


Yep, the Devs cannot have done the works of A350s in such a short time. If they have done it, it might be a quality as bad as C-17(Sorry C-17). We only have to wait or try other detailed aircrafts until when the Devs think it is worth to do A350s.


Given how highly wanted the 350 is, my best guess (and it’s a guess for a reason) is that the 350 will come out in 19.0 or 20.0. The devs have been shipping an update roughly every two months, and we’re on 18.6, so if it comes out with 19.0 we may have the A350 in 8 months time. But the amount of data available for that aircraft will not have changes much by then, so then let’s assume 20.0 which means we will get it in 2 years time. Not the best, but there will certainly be more data available by then.


Yeah, and if that’s the case, imagine all the cool features that could come out between now and then. I’m confident that we won’t be bored until the A350 family gets released in the future.


I think we will get an A330 rework before the A350.

For the record, this my view on what COULD take place. There is no confirmation or hint from Infinite Flight LLC whatsoever that this is the plan of action. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS FACT.


Well you never know. I also think it was a 737 rework they are doing and testing flights to see the difference between normal wing tips and scimitar wingtips. But as you know we all have to keep the hope alive that one day this airplane will become a reality in this game!


I don’t understand you. what’s the use of opening the doors … wow, what’s the point positif of doing that ?


Just a note that this is due to an issue as linked below. It’s not the A350 or any other long haul aircraft and I guess this is a lesson to not read too much into things and wait for announcements rather than speculate.


More than 900 votes, the community want have the A350.


You are already aware that the discussion was a long time ago and that Misha wrote only 8 hours ago … I can also read that it is not A 350 …


He was just making all future speculators aware that it’s not the A350. Nothing against anyone personally :)


I agree with you 🙂🙂


You forgot to add this in your comment about those who side with FDS: “we have enough airliners, we don’t need One more” 😂



What an incredible aircraft!!


a350-900 in if hopefully we will see before 2020… but that’s unlikely lol