Airbus A350XWB Family


I think that they already got added.


I REALLY want this to be added.


You’re not alone I pence that I’m not the only cr I’m part of the voters.🙂🙂✈


A few things about votes:

  1. As some people have mentioned we already have over 1000 due to the 500ish that were reset.

  2. If you consider the amount of time that this thread has been around (and the number of posts) compared to the A330 rework you’ll see that this has way more. The longer a topic has been around the more votes it gets.

  3. Posting anything in this topic will increase the rate at which it gets votes. Every time someone replies it goes to the top of the community homepage—-> more votes. You can see this effect in action: whenever we post a lot, the votes go up faster.


Also please keep in mind that votes are to tell the Developers what the users most want. There is no guarantee that features with high votes will come in IF in the next update or in the next few updates. There are a few reason for this

  1. The Developers don’t have all informations yet (A350 is the perfect example for this).
  2. Another feature gets priority.
  3. Bugfixes always have high priority as they can mess up the game.
  4. Some features can’t be added because of mobile devices performance (like 3D Buildings and weather as it requires much GPU Performance).

Please keep that in mind when you post why does this don’t get implement.
So please be patient with the Developers!

More information can be found here:


I was going to write a response to bluepanda900 saying how funny it was that his post about how the A350 wasn’t coming out tomorrow got 15 likes. It highlights exactly what I’ve mentioned in some of my previous replies:

People do not feel comfortable expressing their opinion that they want the A350 soon. Beyond that, it is ’cool’ to not want the A350 and ‘mature’ to side with/defend FDS.

I believe that your reply falls into this category as well. We’re all aware that our votes don’t guarantee anything. But if you read that blog post it mentions how the top 37.5% (well over a third!) of aircraft being flown are just 5 variants: 77W, 789, A320, A380, 78X.
There are 59 aircraft currently available so it’s remarkable that these 5 have such a strong presence.

Now let’s look at them… what single aircraft type seems like the aggregate of them all? Hmmmmm

Bottom line- I don’t understand the ascetic nature of the people in this topic. Can you explain your thought process to me?


I’m just saying that some people think development is easy and don’t take much time but it does and it is hard. Many people here aren’t patient enough and spamming the social media accounts of Infinite Flight what is pretty anoying.


I am not really sure that the development will be “easy”. I am sure they won’t make A350 now because they surely planned new features on aircraft model that takes time and hard work to implement :), who knows?


I do not want to speculate but I believe it is a test flight of the A 350 … the route can not get b 737 and no A 10 …

And originally this route flies an A 350 from Hong Kong Airlines


That route is also operated by American and Cathay Pacific who both use the 777 for that route


The thing is that B777 American and Cathay already exists Why is not it displayed as a picture?


It can be a 777 rework after all


Interesting anyway.


It’s possibly a 737BBJ, b/c it has the distance and can make it, it only makes sense b/c of the 737 update coming soon


I don’t mind some B777 rework;)


I’m hopping online to check it out- I’ll post pics of what I see when she lands.


Look at the landing if you see the plane (suggestion 777or 737) in the generic livery! If not then I can not explain it then it should be A 350



Looks like she was using a 737-700 BBJ:

Is that route possible with it though? I’ve never tried to max out it’s range but but VHHH-KSMO(where she actually landed) seems like stretch. Maybe the 737 was serving as a place holder for testing the physics of a new longer range aircraft. Just speculation though


So how was her landing?


Tbh I didn’t get a very good view but the aircraft seemed reusable:

Who needs runways anyways?