Airbus A350XWB Family


Very nice! Don’t forgot Lufthansa livery toooooo! Hahaha


Well, they said that the A350 isn’t in the game because they don’t know very well the physics. But the 787 was added 3 years later it started flying commercially, and the A350 started operating with Qatar Airways 3 years ago.


900 Votes! Congratulations!


And someone took off a vote


Stop I’m tired of hearing “I hope it will come out in 2020” NOOOOO. Like a good part of the community I think the A350 is by far the best plane so no I hope that will come out tomorrow or after tomorrow but not in 2 years (I know I dream maybe little)😁🛫


Can confirm, a350 is not coming tomorrow 🤫😉


Update? what have i missed?


To be honest nothing.


One vote left until 900 votes!


I’m the 900th voter.



Thank you @LegendaryRoro88! Now let’s aim for 1000 votes,becoming the second topic to surpass 1000 votes!


100 more votes to go! I sure hope this is added in the two years or so. Would love to do my closest A350 route, KDEN-EDDM!


There are way more than 900 votes. In fact, it’s been past 1,000 for a while. Many votes just don’t show because they got reset.


That would be a great route to do… ;)
Can’t wait until this beautiful plane is (hopefully) eventually added!


what was the first topic?


The A330 Rework. It has around 1100 votes.


Don’t understand that, A350 is a million times better than the A330 imo. A330 = bleh, 777 = tasty


I hope we’ll have it under Christmas tree


They’re gonna add the 500 votes from the old a 350 thread to the current 900


So technically it’s the most voted request!?