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I saw it mentioned earlier, and I’m not sure if it’s been addressed since, but I believe the A350-900 and -900ULR should be separated in some way if/when the series is added. I wouldn’t want to be the kind of person that takes a regular Iberia A359 Madrid to Sydney because it’s fitted with the same characteristics as the ULR. Whether it be an entirely separate dropdown, or just a “Singapore Airlines” and right below it “Singapore Airlines (ULR)” in the same dropdown, there has to be some separation.

I can’t wait for this to be added though, no matter how many eons it takes lol


The only actual ULR trait that the A359 has is the winglets. The A359ULR can still fly farther than the A359 I’m pretty sure has to do something with a higher gross weight.


Yes I know. I am saying they need to be separated for that very reason. They are different aircraft that just look alike


Actually the extended winglets are standard on all A350s now. This means that 900s and 900ULRs are identical externally. The ULR just has a slightly modified fuel system and carries a reduced payload.

A few airlines that use the new winglets (besides SIA
of course) are Iberia, Philippines, China Airlines and Air China. This list may have expanded recently since pretty much all new A350s are equipped with them.


I disagree that they should be separate variants for three reasons:

  1. New 900s and 900ULRs are identical externally. They are all equipped with the upgraded winglets. In fact, Iberia was the first airline to receive an upgraded 900 in July of this year. This meant that at the time, Iberia was operating the longest range A350, capable of ~8200NM with max payload. LEMD-YSSY is ~9500NM. It is reasonable to assume that the Iberia A350 could do this with a reduced payload.

  2. The modifications required to make a ULR are very minor. It is not equipped with additional fuel tanks. It simply uses existing space in original fuel system. This is combined with a reduced payload to maximize range. Essentially the ULR is just a 900 (from July 2018 on) with a different ratio of fuel to payload. This is something we control in IF so I don’t believe that separate variants are warranted. The fact that Airbus even markets it as a different aircraft is questionable. Bottom line: the ULR is just carrying less payload and more fuel, there is nothing inherently different.

  3. It will probably be simpler to introduce the A350 with just one variant (as it should be^^) so we will probably see it sooner if they are integrated. In addition there would only be one livery for the ULR variant if it were separated. It is important to remember that only 7 have been ordered by one airline irl. If you want to fly the SIA ULR just open the SIA 900 and adjust the weight and balance, that’s all the ULR is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very hyped for the A350. I love doing 20+ hour flights so I’m very interested in the ULR variant in particular. It just doesn’t need to be separated for the reasons mentioned above.

One more thing, somewhat unrelated, you mentioned that you don’t want to be able to fly from Madrid to Sydney because it seems unrealistic. I understand your desire for realism but it’s important to note this would only be possible if you chose to set an unrealistic weight and balance. Basically you could control whether or not it was realistic. This is type of thing doesn’t concern me. If you go after something unrealistic in IF, you’ll get something unrealistic.

On the other hand, some issues (such as the high 787 aoa) are not in our control. There’s nothing we can do to correct it. This type of lack of realism is what concerns me. I think it’s important to make a distinction between these two.



I know we are not meant to talk about the A350 but i just wondered how come even though the A350 is in operation, they dont have enough details? How did they get details for other aircraft?


Basically what I said earlier may or may not apply. It could be that Airbus themselves ar reserved when it comes to give out information, full detailed ones that will allow FDS to create a almost 100% identical model for IF.

Due to whatever Copyright rights Airbus holds on to, they may not be willing to give out any kind of information to anyone at any given time. Since they are the manufacturers, they have all rights to keep information confidential from he public. Also I don’t know how far Fair Use may work in this situation and also what kind of Copyright rules Airbus has when it comes to use their products and recreate them in a CAD model.

This process of getting legal access may take time. But hey, I’m not a Staff so I don’t know but this would explain why they don’t have enough info to make the high quality A350 FDS wants to make before giving it us to fly.

Note: I would not like to speculate any further on this, as we have no evidence that this might the be the cause also I’d advice you guys from further speculating on this thought. Just keep it to yourself, thank you.


Would love if they added it in! It’s a wonderful plane!


Why are we not supposed to talk about the A350? Everyone on here seems so timid about expressing their opinions.

The unwritten rule that it’s rude to discuss the A350 on this forum is strange.


because the devs said dont because its not happening.


They only said that it’s not their number one priority. Don’t make it sound like they said it never will come out. It is but not now. Everything has it’s time to shine and the A350 isn’t meant to be release as of now.


Touché…sometimes I just don’t understand people on this forum


Question about the votes on this topic: Were the 542 counted in addition to the 893 we have now?

Basically do we have 893 or 1435 total?


I actually thought of the best way to introduce the ULR:

You know how on the weight and balance page we have preset options like “normal” or “heavy”? They should introduce a third option “ULR” that would set the weight and balance to its specifications.

I do think it is important for IF to recognize the ULR in some way. Since the difference is only in the weight and balance, the distinction should only be on that page. I think this option would be the perfect solution.


We have 1435 in total, then plus, minus a few here there but above 1300 definitely. I would even say that we are at or slightly above 1400+ for sure, but not exactly 1435, as some may or may not have removed their vote when the request was temporarily closed down, but could’ve returned and voted again :)

Marking it as the most voted feature on the forum as of now.


Airbus A350-XWB


Interesting that they are now mentioning it voluntarily. Hope it’s not far off


It may be the next thing on their unpublished list (which I have no evidence of, just throwing it out so this scenario works), but since it is an entirely new model it could take until the end of next year or more to complete and get released. So…“not far off” could be still a while off. And it probably isn’t next up, so we don’t know


FDS has stated this airline was on there list of future addons. I hope it comes maybe 2021 or so!


Hmmmmmm, I think it would come 2019-2020. But!..I’m not sure if Staff have said anything about the A350 coming next year, but definitely not this year!