Airbus A350XWB Family


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please, vote for the a350. I understand people who say we have to wait for there to be all delivered. but it does not matter fds can add new liveries in the future. while the a330 is a very good plane. but frankly the rework can wait. who does not want the a350 seriously?

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If people want it then they will vote for it. ;)

It’s not the liveries that is the issue, it’s the physics. FDS needs people who know the A350 in order to begin the model.

If you ask me, they should update the older ones first before adding more aircraft as it could be a bit more complicated in the future. (Maybe)


I understand. but I don’t imagining the necessary work. if you start tomorrow, how long will it take approximately ?
for the 787 how long have they been ?


Well that’s why they should have waited. They have done a good job with the 787, but waiting a few years (like now) would have been the best option. Time doesn’t matter. If they need a lot of time, then they should have it. Quality over quantity.


I agree with what you say to an extent. I agree that maybe FDS should have waited a bit longer to add the B787 but what I totally disagree on is “time dosen’t matter”. For me time does matter, I don’t want FDS releasing the A350 in 2058 so that we have better physics and more liveries, imagine all the flights I could’ve done between now and the release date.

For me at least, I don’t want to wait so long for the best quality aircraft. I much prefer a decent A350 which didn’t take an astronomical time to do than the best quality aircraft across all simulator but it it took 30 years to make.

Quality over quantity to an extent.


If A350 family was added, I wish they have the China Airlines Livery.


The A350 has grabbed the headlines recently with the ultra long haul flights and hopefully we get to recreate some of these flights.


I understand what you are saying and I know the devs need time to make it, but at the end of the day the consumers are the ones who are paying, and the a350 is clearly the if not one of the most wanted features. Yes the devs need time, but I disagree with the opinion the they should release it when they want. In my opinion it should be their top priority. We also do not know what is going behind the scenes, and perhaps it is already their top priority and it is taking time anyway. Either way, in my opinion I think it is best for all parties if the customers get what they want.


In the end, they’ll do what they think is best for us costumers. They are the ones who has all rights to choose when to release a new product so I’d say, even if someone would like it to be one of their higher priorities they will do as they want, and by that I mean, what best suited for the costumer.

FDS will eventually push out a update with the A350 in the future when they’ve finalized it to the point where they think it’s perfect in their eyes so til then just hang on and the A350 should be here on day, surely ;)

I could possibly agree with your point on making it a top priority but at the same time not. I’ll let them have as time as they want to make the A350 so it’s as high quality as it can get also I don’t know how much information Airbus is willing to release about the A350 to FDS, which in my mini-speculation could be a reason as to why they don’t have enough info. Who knows, only they do, so wait and see what the future has in store for us…


One thing we can agree on is eventually the a350 will come out :)


That’s true, I would pace my bet on that it will most likely come out sometime before the end of 2020, not later than that, hopefully not. Sounds like enough time to do all kinds of testing, gaining access to info about the A350 and making a high quality CAD model of the plane that is to be launched in IF, for us to enjoy flying :)


For me, I think it will come out around the time when most peoples subscription ends, or perhaps christmas, as it seems like the most logical business move, but who knows.


It’s all up to them, FDS knows best when to do what, and what is best for their costumers specifically, so all we have to do wait patiently and we won’t be disappointed the day the A350 gets released :)

That’s all there is to say about when the A350 will be released, it’s their choice when to push out the update.

Have a little bit of faith and all will come true one day.


Nothing is a given. Until FDS officially confirms this, there will not be an agreement.


Thanks for the downer lol


I will love to see this on IF…

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