Airbus A350XWB Family


Just ignore that ridiculous statement…it’s just one of the many excuses people give to not see the A350 in IF soon. If the developers didn’t wait till the 787-10 to be in service before adding it, why then should they wait for an aircraft which had long been in service.


Why they should wait is because they probably got other things in mind and and to prioritize them first before adding the A350.

Now don’t get me wrong. This features request was one of the earliest one I voted on upon joining this forum. My statement if that’s what you’re directing towards being ridiculous then think twice. What I’m saying is that I would rather want to focus on the A350 later down the road. Okay 2 years is too far-fetched let me rephrase by saying 2019.

I’d like them to rework other aircraft first, do a little bit of what they want to do such as reworking the A-10 and other stuff like that.

The A350 could possibly be added today no doubt and I wouldn’t have much against it happening but, Id like them to wait a little longer because with each year technology is going forth and so is FDS making higher quality aircraft CAD models for IF.

I believe that adding the A350 a year from now would make it more realistic and stronger than now, and by strong I mean they wouldn’t have to rework it as early as they might’ve needed to if they added it today.

I also just as much as you guys would love to see the A350, I also am hoping for them to add it soon sooner than what I mentioned, sooner than what I think would be alright, but I also believe that the A350 will come when FDS feels like this is the right time to add it.

Till then I wish that more of us would try to accept what we have then what we could’ve had. A350 could’ve been here some say but you totally neglected as if you were blindfolded by the fact of what FDS has achieved so far.

A350 now or A350 in 2030, I don’t care. It will come when it does, so saying that they could make it today with all the data they have access to is irrelevant to me as many of you are just sounding quite greedy for more.

Now I’m not accusing anyone but honestly, if you all just gave it time, more time then what we’ve already given it then you’ll receive your long awaited product.

I mean what will you guys say when the A350 is out?

So give it a thought before you compare why they added the 787-10 so early and not adding the A350, they different planes and there are probably more differences that set them apart than what most of us know about.

I Vote for the A350, so do You. Let’s all wait together, for he day it i comes out.


said everything, people want to make excuses for not seeing the a350, I follow their line of thinking


Loving these edits!

Credit to @Infiniteflight_pix


Oh, man…that makes me yearn for that A350 more than ever. Wonderful edit!


You should give credit to @infiniteflight_pix !


Would love to see the A350 on IF!


Saw this one recently at EDDM from my plane :)


I vote this and i wait so much to watch A350 Finnair paint


Haha I think this is a stretch
It’ll definitely come out regardless if has as many votes as this topic 🤔🤭🔥


Or is it real???🤨🧐🤔🤨🧐🤔


Jks 😉😂


One major difference here… The A350 is real, and the 797 is still on the drawing board. And after recent developments at Boeing, it is looking less and less likely the 797 is going to be coming to an airport near you any time soon.


Yes the A350-XWB is a great addition to IF but as somebody from the forum said, the FDS need more information, but it can add with the airlines that already have it, Au as the delivery of their Airbus A350 XWB example Air France KLM and other.


Sorry for the late reply, but Air Caraïbes already operates two A350s. Maybe they expect more in 2020, but they do operate the type.

The registrations are: F-HNET and F-HHAV.

Credit in photo


My bad, I should’ve specified that the “Air Caraïbes” deliveries I mentioned about was the -1000 variant which they are getting 3 of in 2019.

It’ll be great to see this beautiful livery on the longer variant of the A350 as well :)


l’Airbus A350-1000 de Qatar?


This is exactly why I don’t want FDS to ever add any new aircraft. People will always want more and more. We should just stop with what we have now and be grateful.


They will eventually add the A350 in the future, and they will want to as well when they feel like the time is right, but as we humans hunger for more and are never satisfied fully, we will want more to the point where it’s impossible to get anything more.

That’s how humanity has been and will be, but to actually receive what you have want after showing patience and respect to one who will give you the item, and not craving for more, that’s a acceptable behavior that we can all adapt, and easy to follow only that it proves difficult for many to appreciate what one may have gotten in their life so far.

I say: Be happy for what you have and always thank those who provide you with what you want.


Yes it is. (Oui.)

Did Airbus ever make the -800 for the A350? Or is it just the A330NEO that has the -800?


The answer to your question would be that there’s no A350-800 in service, that initial idea Airbus had back then that was to make a -800, -900, and -1000 variant never happened. Back in 2017, they dumped the idea of making a -800.

The -800 variant never got finalized since it lacked in numbers of orders compared to the -900 at the time and the -800 wouldn’t be the correct aircraft for the Market and would not make a successful competitor against the rivals 787 and 777.

On the other hand, the A330neo has a -800 and a -900 variant.