Airbus A350XWB Family


I want this aircraft in Infinite Flight


Asiana A350 plsss


Lufhtansa please


the information exists, then is to go after them, as already said the team is very capable for this, start somehow


When did they say this?


I wonder what would have happened if the A350 would win the poll against the MD-11. Where would they find ‘‘the information’’? And we re talking about 2 years ago. Personally, i couldnt care less if the A350 gets added or not but i think this excuse has gotten old now.


The MD-11/DC-10 have been around for decades and is still out there today. As for the A350, there aren’t much people who work on them and know what IF is and their goal for this beauty at the same time. It isn’t an excuse. It’s real and it’s hard.


Yep exactly why i was wondering what would ve happened if it won


The info exists… sure, okay but No, don’t go after it. They should wait definitely another year or two before sarting on the A350 project.

Airlines such as SAS and Iran Air is getting theirs in 2019 and United all the way back in 2022.

Starting with the project now would mean that may or may not include some of hese late arrival liveries. Adding SAS to the A350 now in IF would be sooooo unrealistic and what if they (SAS) cancel their order, or if Etihad, China Southern, Iran Air, Air Asia X, or any of those getting the A350 not anytine soon, rather 2019-2022 happen to cancel their order?

Then we would have the same scenario as we have with the A380 with Transaero Livery. Like no thank you.

FDS take your time, take 2 years or even more, I could care less how many is needed but when you begin do it in the best possible way, with the amazing quality you have on your aircraft, with all the correct liveries :)


I think it’s very easy to delete or change a livery if that happens same with A380 Transaero Livery. Maybe changing it ANA or Hi Fly. There’s nothing wrong. Mistakes are mistakes. It’s already been done. So I guess the best thing to do is choosing livery wisely and that are already existed.


plz delete B787-10 thx


What why, No. that’s definitely not a solution. Airlines are just receiving the B78X, and I often fly Singapore 787-10, so I say No, and they won’t remove it either way, makes no sense as to why they would do something like that.

Eva Air is one of many airlines that have also ordered the -10 and are awaiting delivery. They recently got their first ever Dreamliner being the -9 and are soon to get the -10 in the coming years.

The same goes for Emirates, Etihad, All Nippon Airways and British Airways.


I think the point that he’s trying to make is that they added the 787-10 before the orders were filled. So why should this suddenly be a problem for the A350?

Also, let’s say we wait until all the current orders are filled around 2022 as you mentioned. Now even more orders have been placed by different airlines! So we’re right back at square one.

That’s why I hope they never add the A350 or any other aircraft in the future. The risk of having an airline back out of an order is just too high. The transaero A380 completely ruins the sim for me. Don’t even get me started on their 747-8 or the Delta 787. I’m willing to never get another new aircraft to avoid catastrophes like these.


If specific aircraft “ruin the sim”, then just ignore them. There is not really a need to go on about “never getting another aircraft added”, cause that is simply not going to happen. FDS tries their best with the sim, you should be grateful that you even HAVE the simulator.


That won’t happened.


Haha I was satirizing Captain_JR because that’s essentially what he was saying. I.e that last paragraph was sarcastic^

Yes, we definitely need more aircraft in the future (hopefully the A350!) and holding off just to confirm liveries would be ridiculous. Therefore I poke fun at it.


The problem would be exactly what we are facing with the 787-10.

Liveries that doesn’t exist on the plane yet. Therefore I’d rather have them wait a year or more :)

We never know when someone new may pop up and be like: Hey we wanna order 30 of the A350s. But FDS already added the plane into the game and are focusing on other matters. And the airline is popular and people begin complaining…

Or if some withdraws thier order and that livery uses up unnecessary space in the sim.

All I’m saying is wait til the end of 2019 or mid 2020 before adding it. One or two liveries going wrong won’t matter to me but I don’t want something like the 787-10 to happen.


To make it clear, this was ironic. Some comments mentioned the reason above already.


I really want this baby now that Singapore started their SQ22!
WSSS to KEWR I wanna do this route so bad!


They could just put the liveries that are currently flying and put other liveries when they start flying. Why wait for 2 years when you have the info and lots of airlines operating it.
Well it’s all up to FDS tho;)