Airbus A350XWB Family

  • A350-941Has the Rolls Royce Trent XWB-84
  • A350-1041 has the Rolls Royce Trent XWB-97
    A350 uses both Trents apparently.


Damn, look the winglets both have different ^^
And for the rest well ok, but I can’t agree with your thought, however I can’t disagree too.


Yes please ❤ Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines liveryy


My theory is that the closure of this thread pushed Airbus fans to vote for their second most wanted aircraft (at the time) instead.

Regardless, both planes would be great improvements to the Airbus fleet in IF


I know that from what they say the information is limited, but it’s been more than 5 years since the launch of the a350, I believe it’s time enough to start working on it, the number of votes does not deny the desire to telo in if


If there aren’t any pilots who can give the information, then there is not enough data.


For sure voting for this feature!!! Airbus is such an advanced manufacturer in aviation and the Airbus a350 XWB is for sure one of my favorites, and is recognized as one of the safest planes out there! For sure would love to see this in game!!


if you are behind you have certainly succeeded, just take a minimum of effort, the staff are great and very competent


Here’s a List of all the current confirmed A350 orders. Now if you take a close look, you’ll see that many airlines won’t be getting the A350 until next year (2019) or even 2020. So I’d rather have FDS wait til it’s official that each and every airlines has gotten he A350 before adding it, as I don’t want to see Liveries that don’t exist IRL, in case a Airline were to cancel their order, then we’ll have a situation like the A380 in IF having the Transaero livery…

So I’d be to totally fine with them waiting for another year or two. I honestly feel like it would be a good choice to actually start working on it in Mid-2020 :)


I will say I just saw the 96%…


Totally, is all the truth!


I don’t follow. Do you mean that they should just do what they can with the A350 just for it to be added? I can tell you that it would not please many people.


KLM is also getting 7 of A350-900 🎉


But they delayed their delivery somehow.


at no point did I say that they would have to add it already, I said that they should start working on the case, so that it arrived as soon as possible


Out of all Airlines which have currently ordered the A350, the Last one of them to get it is… United Airlines with deliveries starting in 2022.

They are going for 45 of the A350-900.
Originally planned for 25 of the -900 and 35 of the -1000, but in 2017 converted those -1000 orders into -900 orders making the total count of -900 being 45 of them :)

Other Airlines getting their AIrbus A350’s at a later time is:
2019 Deliveries: SAS, SriLankan Airlines, JAL, Iran Air, Etihad, China Southern, etc…
2020 Deliveries: Air Asia X, Aer Lingus, Kuwait, KLM & Air Caraïbes


And A350XWB with TAM and LATAM livery.


Woah, 823 votes! This is almost up with the a330 rework. I think the IF community wants the a350. 😉


To add is that qatar airways switch 5 A350-900 orders to A350-1000.


You mean they should start working on the model now? If they haven’t started now, then they probably don’t have enough information on the model and it’s physics to begin.