Airbus A350XWB Family


When the A350-900ULR comes out, the first flight I am going to do with it is go from KEWR-WSSS because KEWR is my hometown airport :)


We dont know if the A350 will even come as its not the highest thing on the devs priority list. We can only remain patient and hope for it to arrive. But for now…we cant really use when.


It will come, we just don’t know when.


Its a go i really want a350


Meh, could be in several years. The devs have said time and time again that it would be like adding another 787. It is about as low down on the priority list as it could be, and it should be down there. It is more important to update other aircraft, add smaller planes and not just big airliners, taxi lights etc. Even the Concorde is higher on the list as this point I think…


It’s annoying since everytime someone asks the Devs for it, they always reply “we already have the 787”. And? The 787 is not the A350, it’s a very different aircraft. By saying you have a similar aircraft, doesn’t mean you have that aircraft.


They also don’t have enough data for the A350. Besides, they can add what they want. They made the game from scratch and keep the game alive as it is now. :)


Out of curiosity, when have they ever said this? I searched that exact sentence and couldn’t find anything.


There is flightcast episode on YouTube that they briefly mention it, We just gotta be patient


Ive seen it a couple times on their Instagram page.


image my life would be amazing if this livery was added!(credit to airways magazine)


Remove the 787 and put the a350 😁 (kidding)


Even when this topic gets crippled, the enthusiasm never wanes. I roll my eyes every time I see that “there isn’t enough data” excuse. Socrates would be rolling in his grave for the lack of critical thinking on this forum.


Unless you want to make the A350 for IF from scratch with even better details than the CRJ, then be my guest. Otherwise it really isn’t in your place to say “excuse”. Especially when that is the only reason they haven’t added it. Just saying. :)


It isn’t necessarily a lack of critical thinking… Logically, you can think and hypothesize all you want, but until you have solid data, you can’t build a concrete conclusion (or a plane model). :) Patience is key


Sure can’t missed out Cathay if IF adds A350 , second largest A350 operator in the world , behind Qatari

photo credit to Aldo Bidini @


Look at this beauty 😍😍


Here is a link to the topic I made for this livery:


Most of the planes they reworked was from scratch. The 787 was also built from scratch, correct me if I’m wrong. Plus, theres no “pre-update” model of the A350 anyway. Theres no other way than to build from scratch.

I’m sure you wouldn’t like me to go to your feature requests and ask you to build what you want from scratch yourself. The whole point of features is to tell the devs the things you want, since you probably can’t do it.

Healthy and constructive criticism would be better appreciated, all that I’m saying

TL;DR Please leave posts that adds content to the OP.


I wouldn’t mind if you did that if I called it an “excuse”. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a need for you to say that.

If you want to continue this via PM, then that is also fine. :)


I’d love for the A350 family to be added to IF. My favorite plane IRL.