Airbus A350XWB Family


It’s cool. I’ve been warned once already. I don’t wanna continue.


Isn’t the only difference the length of the aircraft?


Oh, the A350 forum back to be opened again… nice chance.

Feature voted!
Gorgeous Airbus design and performance for this B787 main rival! This aircraft will look awesome when it will be implemented with the Infinite Flight great graphic power!


KLM is getting the A350 hope to see it come in IF!


Same as JAL hope to see that livery.


I think the difference between the A359 and the A35X is that the -1000 is longer and has 14 wheels compared to the -900 which has 10 wheels. Also the gear tilt is different on both. But i’m not sure if that is going to be a feature in IF anytime soon haha


The A350-1000 has more powerful engines and has a larger fuel tank(by ~18000 litres more capacity)


Today is the 6th delivery of Malaysia Airlines


But -1000 has a shorter range than the -900:)


I love this plane. I hope it appears in some new update.


The a350 mainly targets the B777 as its rival.


larger aircraft= more weight= less range. Simple as that. that is why smaller variants of a family always have the larger range if the fuel capacity is unchanged.


I think the -900=787 and the -1000=777-300ER


more like the 900=700-200ER/LR, 1000=300/300ER. The is the class comparision. Although the 350 familys have less MTOW capacity than both 777 models. Which is where they get their range from as if they carrried equal weight they would not out range the B777.


The −900 is designed to compete with the Boeing B777 and B787 (B777-200ER/LR, Boeing B777-8, and Boeing B787-10), while replacing the Airbus A340-300 and A340-500. The -1000 is designed to replace the Airbus A340-600 and compete with the Boeing B777-300ER and B777-9.


And the A350-900ULR would compete against the 777-8 seeing as they will be the two aircraft in the world with the longest range. The ULR with 18,000km of range and the 778 with 16,110km. These two aircraft are contenders especially for Qantas’ Project Sunrise.


I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) Qantas is looking at the a350 ULR more than the 777-8x, they are also looking at the Cargo Class Airbus has to offer.


That is correct, check out my post above (if you scroll up quite a bit to post nr. 768) regarding Qantas discussing this matter about the -900ULR with Airbus :)


Airbus has the A330neo to compete against the B787, the A350 is as most of u already said the competitor to the B777X.


But A330neo’s failed. Most Airlines chosed the A350 program.