Airbus A350XWB Family


No offense but whenever I hear someone talking about realism to such a degree with Infinite Flight I just can’t help but laugh.
You take this handheld, mobile game with not even half the functionalities of proper, PC simulators way too seriously it’s comical.


It can be whatever you want it to be.
Some consider it more like you do, as a game.
Some does not… and i think that we have so many RL pilots and controllers active in the community says a lot.

We’re definitely limited, and probably always will be due to the market we’ve decided to focus on (handheld devices). But we’re doing the best we can in terms of realism :)


Says the guy taking another simulation game so seriously…


Between a mobile game on your iPhone and a simulator on your PC with a lot more hardware and capabilities available, I would indeed take the latter as more serious, thank you very much.

I’m also an amateur, not a pilot. But you even suggesting IF would come closer to the real deal than everything available on a PC, it’s hard to take you seriously too.


The market you guys decided to go after is the reason why I’m skeptical to say the least of where IF can go and how serious this game really is. It’s a lucrative market for sure, IF is the best one available on mobile but boy, I’m not trying to get my PPL with IF.

Also, “Some does not… and i think that we have so many RL pilots and controllers active in the community says a lot.”.
I beg to differ. The mobile market you are going after and the fact that IF offers more than the competition might be the reason why real life professionals might get IF.


It is all the same. I believe that the only difference would be the Takeoff speed or MTOW. I’m not 100% sure tho. Might need to review my research. But you are totally right when you say the 787-8,9,10 are the same when it comes to training.


I have always been a big supporter of the a350. Lets hope that we see one in the future.


You are literally going to just get the thread closed again.

We need this beaut!


People are entitled to their own opinions. Please do not challenge what they believe in because this is a feature request.


I have nothing against the fact that you want the A350. But to say we need it? Please.


If you guys want some argument, pls do it in PM. We already learn from the Past.


When did I say this? All I said was that people should be able to have their own opinions. If they want to challenge each other, then maybe a PM would be more beneficial.


@DreamSkywards & @ollywhxte

Please take your arguments to PM please. Further arguments on this thread will not be tolerated. If you’re going to to debate an aircraft, please do so kindly. Otherwise, please refrain from posting on this topic.

This goes for everyone that reads this…



It’s gorgeous. Are the winglets the latest ones?


The A350 has always had those winglets…


No, Airbus made taller ones too. Don’t lecture me on things you know nothing about.


Ok you are right, but please don’t be rude about it.


Sorry, the triple dots signal passive aggressivity. Hence my reply.


No problem. I just never get to use them.😅


No hard feelings. :)


For what is worth, all your points were valid. Criticism comes across as harsh simply because IF has a lot of potential and is being held back by a swarm of fanboys and yes men.