Airbus A350XWB Family


Best would be all three:
A350-900 + A350-1000 + A350-900ULR

I also just read that Singapore Airlines is about to re-launch the route Singapore <-> New York in October 2018 and using the A350-900ULR. With approximately 19 hours, it will be the longest flight worldwide.


I would love to see all three variants of this beauty in IF. It would finally be the addition needed to the IF Airbus fleet, given that all available long-haul Airbus aircraft (except the A380, but it’s not reworked yet) are almost 20 years old since their first commercial flights. Imagine the A359 in the new Lufthansa livery…


I really admire the hard work the devs put into this game, constantly updating and adding new aircraft, I’m very thankful for all those things. Although, they seem to have a gripe with the 350. Either they hate it, or just don’t think its needed yet. Clearly the fanbase wants it. Hopefully it becomes priority soon…


They don’t hate it, they just don’t have the required data yet to create an accurate model. They will add it eventually as soon as they’ve got the data.


That’s not true. They released the 787-10 before it even began service. So using the same logic, either they really love the 787-10, or they completely bluffed the flight model without any real world data.

Although I cannot say for sure, I believe they’re not willing to add the a350 because IF is saturated with commercial passenger aircraft aka tubeliners. They’re currently diversifying their fleet by adding more GA and regional fleet in order to appeal to a larger audience.


In all fairness though the B787-10 is pretty much the same as the other aircraft just like the A321 is the same as the A320 to fly.

And anyway it’s been stated already continuously that there isn’t enough data out there, it’s not about making a variant, they don’t have the data to make the plane itself.


Do you really think there’s that much difference between the -8, -9 and the -10?

Well, it’s not. That’s why pilots certified to fly the 787-8 are also good to fly the 787-10 :)


I believe this would be a great new feature to Infinite Flight! It would be nice to see many modern Aircrafts in they sky!


Is it the same with the A350? So can a pilot certified to fly the A350-900 fly the -1000?


Most likely, yes. I don’t know for sure.


Is that because there isn’t enough data 😂


If that means data sources needed to accurately model the aircraft itself aren’t available, that’s understandable because references for accurate 3D modelling are hard to obtain.


Yes that’s how it works. Airbus aircraft pose huge advantages to carriers because of the common type rating which allows pilots on the A330/40 to do a familiarisation course instead of a whole new type rating for the A350. I believe it’s only like 8 days to train to fly the A350 from the A330. Similar with the A320, pilots can transition to the A380 in not that long.


I agree with the second paragraph, but for the 787-10 they at least had a reference to the smaller versions, not really comparable to the situation of the A350. Other stuff has already been said above :)


I would love to see this happen in Infinte Flight!


My Fellow pilots, we recently got this thread unlocked again. Please let’s not mess it up and have it locked again, They clearly know that this aircraft is HIGHLY anticipated so let’s all be patient and enjoy the amazing fleet we have.


It’s interesting really.
A detailed model was created for (PC version of) X-Plane, yet IF devs can’t bring it into a mobile device because “not enough data”.

Here it is:



Have you read the reviews?
All of them basically says; “I have no idea how realistic the flight model is, as I’ve never flown it”.
That’s the thing. We want to have as realistic flight models as possible. To do that, you need to have the appropriate data.

I’m sure we can throw together a super detailed model and sell it for $49,95 without having the slightest clue about whether the physics are even close to the real thing. But I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’d prefer :)

We will get to the A350 eventually :)


Yeah FDS use multiple sources of data for flight models. Real world information and pilot accounts and testing, for all anyone of us know it could be the same physics as the A330 so unless you are an A350 pilot you can’t really make that claim that a rival has created it as FDS could also and use the B787 physics or something…


Touché. I admit I did not read the reviews.

Honestly though I would indeed be more annoyed about not having detailed flight dynamic and controls on X-Plane, rather than Infinite Flight.
IF is more of a game than a real, study level simulator to me. You play it on your phone…