Airbus A350XWB Family


Happy to see the A350 thread opened again. Hope that we can forget about what happened in the past and keep this clean and constructive this time :)

A350 will be a nice feature to have in the future for IF as more and more airliners are using this aircraft but as for now let’s wait until we have full confirmation of all A350 orders of all versions as well as all versions of the A350 that will be available in the future.

FDS knows what they are doing, and are giving us a variety of different thing in their updates, let’s all respect each others opinions and reasons, and surely one day we will also get the A350.

In the meanwhile we can always discuss about this aircraft in a productive and mature manner. We can also look at the latest news regarding the A350-family and discuss what is confirmed to give our thoughts and opinions on it but still keep every nice and clean here.


Alrighty! Understood! 👍


It’s not so don’t get your hopes up.


I will finally vote for this. It took me a year but I feel this is not a lost cause anymore. ;)

Also not speculating, but I really hope/want a cabin view with this aircraft! It’s my favorite feature! :)


Did you notice … There are more and more people interested in this aircraft Turkish Airlines confirms A350 order
January 9, 2018 | Company Announcement

Turkish Airlines and Airbus have signed a letter of intent for the purchase of 20 A350-900 aircraft with the option of an additional five aircraft. "Turkish Airlines serves more international destinations than any other airline worldwide. We are looking forward to reliably expanding our international main connections from Turkey with our new A350 XWB, "says Ilker Aycı, President of the Supervisory Board. "With this agreement, we have signed our intention to accelerate the acquisition with Airbus and complete. Our agreement is an important step in further improving the flight experience of our passengers. This order will play a key role in our growing business over the coming years, "Aycı continues.


I heard that qantas also want to buy A350s for project sunrise, is that true? If its true than dan we have the ULR version as well?


As far as i know, Qantas is in the talks with Airbus. Airbus has approached Qantas with an offer that includes to buy the A350ULR. Whether it will be -900ULR or the possible -1000LR variant that may come out is not confirmed yet but they (Airbus) are in the negotiation stages with Qantas, hoping that they’ll put their orders on the ULR rather than the 777X, which they were initially going for in the beginning but now they have received a alternative option, that being the -900ULR. Which one Qantas is going for not confirmed yet, they’ve not publicly announced one over the other so far.

The A350 can be reconfigured by Qantas to meet their requirements needed for passenger capacity on a ULH flight that is up to 22 hrs long. And if the demand for such routes increases before the launch of the 77X, they might opt for the A350-900ULR instead. Currently they only considering it… No decision has been made as of today.

Multiple news sources and other websites are covering this about Qantas may be going for the A350 over the 777X, but as i said earlier… nothing has been confirmed yet. So far only speculations are ongoing among people 👇


I saw the title name and voted before even reading the post😆


That’s not how it works, regardless of how many US carriers have on an aircraft, it won’t speed up the process of adding it. It really just depends on if the devs wants to add it and do what’s best for the sim.


Guys, we’re not talking about orders from U.S carriers here. This topic was closed for HALF A YEAR. I sure as heck do not want see it closed like this again.

In other regards, the addition of this would provide more diversity to ultra-long-range aircraft in Infinite Flight, as we only really have the 777-200LR and 787. However, I respect the devs’ decision and stance in regards to adding it.


Let’s not forget this Ladies and Gentlemen, this thread was opened not too long ago and we are already forgetting the basic rules set by our Moderators. Unless we have something valid to say here, we let it go and move on.



Definitely my favourite aircraft flying in the skies right now! I really hope we see this beauty in the IF skies soon!! 🛩️


Oh my days, dat livery is buetiful

spelling errors done on purpose


It’s been forever since the idea for the A350-1000 and it seems like it won’t happen, but knowing flight dev studios they sure keep us in suspense cough global cough


Yes, would be a great addition in the future. Remember that we should wait a little more, by now we have a decent number of different liveries on the -900, but only two different liveries on the -1000, once we get a lot of operators, I think we are prepared. It’s better the A350 come with it’s two variants than only one. ;)


It has been the greatest honor for the Mods to reopen this request. Hopefully it doesn’t get out of hand again.


Thankfully this topic has been reopened. Remember to vote for this topic again as all votes have been reset.

Let’s hope the Airbus A320 rework sets precedence for more Airbus projects to come 👍


Please make sure you have read this…


Did you vote for it because you want it, or because it’s in the right format? Or both? 🤔


Don’t have an option to vote but it would be amazing to add this beauty!