Airbus A350XWB Family


Nope. You miss the point entirely. But carry on.


And why is that? Would you mind bringing up concrete elaboration and examples to back up your point without steering your discussion away from the A350?


Pls add Concorde free thx


You’re all missing the point. It’s like most of your reading capabilities just went out the window.


I think this needs to be brought up again. C’mon people.



Yes. Because when you open up Infinite Flight and go to select an Aircraft, there are 44 airliners to chose from compared to 4 GA aircraft. That’s why.


We at FDS are well aware of the demand and have also stated that this is not the appropriate time for this feature. We have many gems that could use a facelift and certainly need some fleet diversity.

Additionally, the A350 is still quite new which also means information is limited. Waiting until it is more established, all variants are in service, and tech data is available will equate to a more accurate and enjoyable model.

As for this thread, it will remain closed for a few days to let the dust settle. This topic has veered way off course. I’d encourage everyone to take their blinders off and accept other perspectives and opinions as well. Restating your stance multiple times won’t drive it home any faster. Thanks for your understanding!

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Let's discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!


Hope the Airbus A350 can appear in the future flight!


I remeber seeing Qatar A350 departing from KATL Airpot and it was like watching an angel flying on a sunset.


Wait this was opened back up! 😱 That’s exciting


The silence has been broken 👀

Keep it tidy guys, that way the community can continue to discuss about this bird!

And as always, remember this post.


No, your votes are not gone. They get reset when re-opening. The 542 votes that were there are still counted.

The rules are simple. If you like the idea, you vote for it. If you don’t then you don’t have to vote for it and can reply with valid reasons if you see fit.

This thread is NOT going to continue with a bunch of off topic “I would like to see this aircraft” posts for the sake of replying.


Dare I say that the fact that this us reopened is a good sighn, but please, I beg of you, please, dont do what we did last time, we know we have some awsome airliners and GA planes in the lineup, so lets not:

Go airliners VS GA,

Complain about the hence lack of an A350, FDS works tgeir tails of every day to make a good update as frequently as possible, so plaes…

Lastly lets keep it to the A350, no:

“Oh, the A350 is terrable 787 all the way!”

Or anything else negative for that matter…

But who am I to enforce it so…


Chris already mentioned above why. 🙂


Hope can see Air China A350-900 “ Expo 2019” appearing infinite flight!

This is great! A good airplane and beautiful livery😌


This is opened so members have an appropriate place to make or support a request, as social media, support and other mediums is not the correct place.

In addition, those who fail to read the previous highlighted message and adhere to it will simply be flagged. Thanks!


1: Beautiful livery. This aircraft is very sleek and I’m sure once FDS has enough info on the aircraft, it will be one of the most eye candy aircraft in the sim… filled with HD graphics, cabin lights and working doors, and maybe even gear tilt by that time.

2: (Not directed at a specific person) For the sake of all that is Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community… please do not ignore the yellowed messages above and get this topic closed for like the… nevermind I lost count. You get the point. Let’s not make them regret opening this! 😁


Cool, glad to see this reopened. As much as I like the idea of adding the A350, I can honestly say that I fully support the path the devs have chosen. This will come at an appropriate time, at which I’ll give it a vote. As for now? It’s a nice dream, but there’s plenty of excitement in the plans as it is.

As for now, I can only hope that the fan boys and children won’t come back in here and get this closed again.