Airbus A350XWB Family


I don’t see how your post pertains to the idea of the A350 being in IF.

Everyone should be entitled to bring up what they like about this feature. I would also add that the past few 100s of posts have been mindless bickering, which adds little to nothing to the thread.


The 350 would be beyond stupid to add. Like, it’s the exact opposite of what FDS should do. Of all the planes to be added, that would be the absolute worst choice. There’s already too many airliners. A big plane is a big plane. Y’all have lost your mind. TBM or King Air for life!


Agreed! And I would love to see some Gulfstream love as well!


Some people really are doing their best to close this thread down.


Brilliant idea. Add an aircraft which half the community will like :)


No. That’s a jet. We have the citation. We need variety. Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong.


I don’t see 20.000 votes on any request ;)


Yeah, but we’re the important half who’s opinions count 😃


I think we both agree we need more GA aircraft love, whether turboprop or jet.


I half expect Laura to show up with a screenshot of an A350 now.


So what the other half of the community’s opinions are discounted???


Guys please for the love of god just stop bringing the thread everywhere else. Please don’t warrant another thread closure.


Not at all. They’re just wrong. You already have your big planes.


I don’t think you understand. This community has over 40,000 members and growing. This isn’t half.


You seem to be implying that I think otherwise. Not sure why I would find it productive.

Why is there always such constant confusion between the right to say something and the efficacy of saying something?

I did not say you couldn’t say what you wanted.

I did say that the point of Features is to let the Devs know what people want. That has been accomplished a hundred fold. What more need possibly be added to indicate that people really want it.

That’s not saying you can’t say something. It’s doubting how it in any way adds any more to the conversation.

Devs know lots want it. Mission accomplished.


Rofl don’t understand why people still goin on about this. Literally this was all sorted yesterday…


Your entire post is exactly what you’re complaining about.

Now can we please stop and get back to the A350


Doesn’t seem like it…


No because the A350 is a horrible idea.


I just love the a350 in general. Singapore airlines just started flying their a350 into YBBN and it is a nice sight to spot it in it’s early morning arrival.