Airbus A350XWB Family


I’m just as excited as you when it comes to the future of IF!


Disagree. 2% ish of THIS community has upvoted the A350. If FDS ever wants to attract a large group of serious aviators and not just their current demographic of 11-21 year old boys, they will need to work on low level terrain improvements and add a serious collection of GA and warbird aircraft.

On the other hand if they have no interest in expanding their market to new demographics, I’d say give the boys the toys they want.


I agre with the terrain and all that but warbirds? Who actually flies them? The majority of pilots on IF are using the B787 or something.


I think if the fighter and attack aircraft were improved, more people would use them. Since they don’t get much attention they don’t see much action.


Yeah possibly. I just think commercial aircraft are used way more. Even the C-130 isn’t used that much.


Exactly. Thank you for 100% proving my point. Everyone CURRENTLY using IF. Imagine an infinite Flight booth at events like OSH, Sun-n-fun, or Warbird Weekend. Where actual aviators attend. 🙄


So I assume that FDS want to target a different demographic of people then. Fair enough I guess. It’s easier to just say that though to the people who want the A350.


I love the a350 just as much as the next guy but if people are going to be irrational then it will never come. FDS has stuff that they want to do before this. I don’t know what they are planning and I’d like to know but for now we can wait and see what great things come out.


Why is everyone restating the obvious?

Just talk about why you want the A350 to be added.

Well, I want it to be added as I think it would offer more variety of airlines to the ones we already have. I would also want it to silence Airbus fanboys.


In that case FDS should add/rework GA planes. Personally I think the A350 should be added later after some more GA planes and reworks of current planes.


These are just my opinions. I don’t work for FDS.

We’re allowed to discuss why we don’t want it in a rational and civilized way as well.


Correct. But people that usually don’t want it added go off topic…Well same goes for people that do want it added.


I don’t know why there’s conflict throughout this thread. If you’ve voted, then say the reason, simple. Bashing FDS to add it won’t bear fruit.


That’s a very fair statement to make considering there is a large number of aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet which are airliners. But FDS fed the fan fair demographic of 11-21 year old boys so why is it a surprise to you that most people only want airliners? To as you quote “expand their market to new demographics”, it would be fairly challenging as most of the content which this niche market wants to see may not be as well received to the majority of the community in comparison to airliners. Lastly, besides the airliners, I feel most of the community would believe that more low level terrain improvements are needed so to generalise it to that we need to improve it to attract serious aviators is not entirely true…


At this point we’re not even discussing about the A350.

People on both sides, for and against, your opinions have been shared adequately on this thread.

We don’t need any more posts like “you guys are doing nothing by blaming FDS” or “screw this GA is better”. This pertains nothing to the topic which is about the A350. Bringing up GA or for that matter any other feature here is also driving discussion away from the A350.

Moving forward, let’s not attack people nor ideas. Civilised discussion about what aspects of the A350 would be great, and why this feature would be great in IF. For example, I would love to see this in IF as it would be a fresh Airbus plane in contrast to the more outdated Airbus planes like the A330. No harm done.


Very true but it would make sense for them to start optimising the old and not focus on the new.


@Jake_McCabe I love you so much man. Why? Because you’re the reason why this thread is going to be closed very soon!

And trust me, I’ve had enough with this thread. :)


Did you read my post -_-
If you’re seeking for a rework of Airbus planes theres the respective threads. This thread is for the A350 specifically.

@FlyFi @Jake_McCabe Taking it to PM. Delete any further posts


Is there anything that can possibly be said here that hasn’t been already said in the last 750 posts?

The Devs are are aware that a boat load of people want the A350. That’s the point of Features. I think they’ve got it.


I don’t see how your post pertains to the idea of the A350 being in IF.

Everyone should be entitled to bring up what they like about this feature. I would also add that the past few 100s of posts have been mindless bickering, which adds little to nothing to the thread.