Airbus A350XWB Family


Thanks Schyllberg, hopefully that will clear up some questions


A350 is bae. 😍 waaaaw


Total downvote for me. 👎 The last thing we need is another airliner, especially this one. I’m no pilot, but if I had to guess I would guess it would be a lot like flying the 787 on IF. In the real world… not even close of course because of the fact that it’s an Airbus and not a Boeing. In IF, all of the controls are identical.

Let’s get some more GA aircraft in here.


I’d both like and not like the A350, like cause it’s a lovely aircraft and it’s nicely designed, not like it in game cause it’s again, too similar to the 787 (don’t fight me on this) and that I agree, we need more GA


Thanks Schyllberg,

One question.
Do someone know, if we are just talking about the A359 and A35K?
Airbus also plans an ULR version of the A359. As far as I know Singapore Airlines ordered it already. They wanna use it on the route from Singapore to JFK.

If the A350-900ULR will also be included (in the future) than there will be a real difference to the B787.
I personally like the route NZAA to EDDF and the ULR version would be great :-)



Feature request title says A350 family so I would think so ;)


We have enough heavy airliners. Plus: Yes, there are some major differences in real life, but in IF the A350 would be very similar to the 787

  • Airbus A330, A340, A380
  • Boeing 747, 767, 777, 787
  • McDonnell Douglas MD11, DC10

Let’s focus on some GA aircrafts instead! I can’t give my vote here, sorry.


The complete widebody Airbus lineup needs rework.


I also think this aircraft is like the 787, but when I log on to the website I dont want to see hundreds of comments basically saying the same thing over and over again. Please, if you are wondering things just read the comments.


So… here we go again.

Do i need to repost everything, but maybe this time i’ll use font size 72, a few Wingdings, pink text and green background?


I love ya Schyllberg so much.

The A350-900ULR makes some economic sense to airlines like Singapore, but I don’t see it having a very long future. The XWB model just costs too much for Airbus to produce, and I feel like their money could be spent better, especially since I don’t see it gaining many more orders, and I actually see some airlines pulling out of their orders.

So how does this relate?

I wouldn’t want to see an aircraft in IF that was only in service by two airlines. Not worth it in my opinion.


It may be that it is not worth it, but it is worth it for others.
I think the A350 is a fantastic plane. and I think everyone would fly him with a company.
the painting of Qatar is enough.


What do you mean by “the XWB model”?
The A350 IS “XWB”. This is what the A350 was marketed as. XWB just stands for Xtra Wide Body, it encompases every variant of the A350 family, yes, the ULR too.
ULR is short for Ultra Long Range. Self explanatory.


We all do- but we all also voted to have other planes beforehand. This isn’t all on the devs here…


Suppose so didn’t even think! V good point


It’s not requested in this topic there for, it probably won’t be added when the a350 comes.


He’s got a point schyllberg

The DC-10 was amazing in the poll. However if the poll was to be done again, trust me those 41% of votes would be going to A330/340 Concorde a small amount to the CRJ.

Let’s say the poll was done now, those CRJ rework votes would be going to A350.



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