Airbus A350XWB Family


Um… these questions “is FDS ignoring what the community needs most at the moment?” can be answered only by the FDS team. This can never end if the voters doesn’t get a valid response back or if the supporters of FDS try to convince them. It’s unfair to tell only one side to calm down and maybe someone should get the team answering if this needs to be solved today.

And, just a quick thought occurred to me… isn’t it easier to add something that is so similar, like everybody’s mentioned here, with a plane that already exists in the simulator? Maybe relatively easier than making something all new, isn’t it?


Sure as much as I respect your opinion, I would also expect that you respect mine as well. Others may share your opinion and others may share mine


If it is so similar, isn’t it just a matter of copy and paste? After all that’s what most people think…


You’re approaching it backwards. The physics will probably much the same, yes. But the actual appearance is as you know, not. And that part requires a great deal of work.


Most of us can agree it does take time, however the common belief is that the planes are really similar. If so, would it really be that hard to spend time creating a model for a plane which shares similar characteristics?


I strongly disagree. I would much much rather wait a bit and have a detailed A350 update rather then a copy paste. The A350XWB is a completely different aircraft whose competitor is the 777 family and is from a different make. The 787 family’s competitor is the A330 family.


Alright, I think everybody needs a cool down. Remember, this is a feature request.
We can:

  • Discuss why we like or dislike this aircraft
  • Why we think it should be implemented
  • How awesome it would be to have in the game
    Etc. Etc. You get the point of this one.

What we can’t do:

  • Harass FDS because they didn’t prioritize this aircraft
  • Go around blaming the moderators for something they don’t have control over
  • Go off topic

Please remember that this is a feature request! We can vote for it and give our opinions on this aircraft. We don’t have to go ALL CAPITALS and act immature because this isn’t the next aircraft being implemented. Be patient and wait. Remember that 500 people is a piece of dust compared to the amount of people that play the game. We just happened to stumble upon the community first.



It was just an analogy. Ofcourse it isn’t just a matter of copy and paste but I was more so highlighting the fact that since people believe it is so similar to the 787 family, wouldn’t it just be a matter of copy and paste.


The rework means they are doing what they did with the 787, They are making more advanced models, and adding a plentitude of new liveries. Hope this helps!



Look, the A350 XWB family is awesome, but we are getting our CRJs and we literally just got MD11 and DC10, cool your rear!


I don’t understand why people are saying chill out. Literally all I said (which caused this discussion or as others think argument), was that FDS dismissed a community request and dealt with it wrong.


You are literally missing my point again. I AM NOT BLAMING FDS. I just said they shouldn’t be dismissing a request so quickly. What is so hard to understand???


Lord have mercy, let’s be mature here. Let’s not forget that this is meant to be a civilized community, not a place where you go back and forth with one another on a topic. Take it to the DM or shut it. All you will do is keep veering off topic and starting arguments with one another.

This nonsense will eventually lead to this thread being closed.


I am not discrediting there work bud. All I said was that they dismissed a POPULAR request. And yet again you didn’t read between the lines. I never said they should make it right now. I said THEY DISMISSED A POPULAR REQUEST. Far out that is it. Nothing more to it…


This nonsense will eventually lead to this thread being closed.

Wise words… Everyone needs to calm down as you are getting worked up over nothing… Enough…


I’m getting worked up huh? I said 1 line and the thread didn’t like it haha absolute non sense that people put that on me. I’ll be happy to send u a pic of my first response which I didn’t expect would get a reply



Chris S already said it. Do the rest of us now need to?


You had your chance.


So here’s the deal.

This needs to stop. Now.
FDS is well aware of how much some of you want this aircraft. But as you’ve probably realized, it’s not a priority right now. That’s how it is, plain and simple.

You can have all the opinions about this as much as you want, but this discussion escalated far beyond reason and have just become ridiculous. And some of you need to learn when enough is enough.

I will re-open this, but I won’t hold back flagging, deleting and in worst case suspending users if this useless discussion continues or returns.

The A350 will come, when it comes. Simple as that. Live with it.