Airbus A350XWB Family


So you are gonna sit here and tell me the consumer isn’t a business’ number 1 priority other than to make money? Infinite Flight is no longer a backyard project its’s a well known mobile simulator so the devs shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss a request considering we fund the game…


Is that what i said? No.
But fact is that you can’t satisfy everyone. Simple as that.
And it seems like all of you that so desperately want the A350 will just have to wait.


they are doing just fine and have pretty much 95-99 percent of the communities support. I’d take this to a PM if I were you


We aren’t being desperate. We are asking for something but the devs are more so thinking about themselves. “We have enough airliners” well it took you guys long enough to realise that but if that was so, why was there such thing as the MD-11 and now because we ask for the a350, they all of a sudden wanna slow down on creating airliners? It makes no sense considering the majority of the community flies in airliners…


I think they mean they want to do reworks not drop airliners as a whole ;)


Nobody said it won’t be coming, just not now. Once the CRJ is done, we’ll probably get some GA or more reworks. Who knows what happens after that?

From an app perspective, you won’t be able to tell any difference on the A350 compared to the 787. That’s why i feel it’s “meh”. Sure it’s a totally different aircraft in real life, but in Infinite Flight it will mostly be looks. I want the A350 added too, that’s why i voted for it. But you won’t see me write whole paragraphs about FDS ignoring anyone, because i know better and have been around long enough to know that’s not true.

Move on now, you won’t get any further.

Why havent IF introduced the Airbus 350-900 yet?

I’m not trying to start a revolution here and sorry that my opinions about this game are different to yours. And one last thing, NO ONE SAID FDS IGNORE US.


Oh sorry. You wrote “Dismissing this idea”… 🙄


Just stop. Maybe take a cool down I don’t know just stop replying, you won’t win this argument.


You’ve never said anything along those lines in this whole thread.
I’m not entertaining this any more. *mutes thread


Nice pick up there mate. Yet to understand what i said, you need the whole sentence


Actually giving us the CRJ is not missing the demand at all. If you remember, right before Global released there was a poll put out on the IFC but the devs, the CRJ rework won the vote, not the A350. That point is invalid.


I can’t say that it means CRJ has more popular demand, as A350 wasn’t included in the poll as one of the options. Unlike MD-11/DC-10 poll which showed MD-11/DC-10 were more favored by the community than A350. In fact, CRJ was among the last on that poll


Alrighty people. I think we all just need to take a step back for a second. Is this how we want to start off 2018?!?!?

I would like to mention something Schyllberg brought up and apply it to your point. You keep saying that FDS is blocking the consumers out. Everybody in this community is a consumer, including you. There have been polls regarding what the community would like to see next. Maybe you haven’t seen them, but that’s okay. If you think that FDS isn’t listening to the consumer, then why are they putting in features that THE COMMUNITY voted for? Is the consumer always right now?

I have more evidence against your point. PM me if you want it.

Everyone is going to stop arguing about Phillipe’s comment. FDS has been coming out with amazing updates. How does it matter if you can fly two very similar planes with almost the same specs around the world?


The aim of the voting system was to solicit customer feedback so FDS can better serve us. It’s a gentleman’s agreement between the developers and consumers. The developers on their part would honour the popular choice and we the consumers would not unnecessarily harass the developers with requests. The moderators do well to keep us in check so why the developers be made aware of their missteps?


And nobody have said it won’t be coming. So give it a rest. A number of other very popular features have been added, and just because the A350 isn’t here yet doesn’t mean people have to be called out.

And if you think the development team isn’t aware of this, you’re wrong. Very wrong.


So what’s the point of the voting system then?


The purpose is to know what people are asking for. That doesn’t necessarily mean those features will be added in the same order as they have been voted for.


Then I believe we don’t actually need to vote then. Feature requests are made daily and the developers can pick which one they would like to work on. The fact that over 500 people would vote on a topic and not be deemed to be of any priority is a collasal waste of time


I can definitely partially agree with you on some points there. But, I’m in no rush for added aircrafts… so I don’t really bother the approach they’ve choosed.