Airbus A350XWB Family

I’m sure there’s plenty of liveries still behind the curtain. Just wait and see, it’s probably there who knows.


Old Lufthansa Livery

I believe with the remaining 4 or 6 orders we might have an Aer Lingus livery coming. (Just a guess would be lovely) Darragh O Donoghue confirmed this as he visited Cosford.

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We don’t know about the old Lufthansa livery - given they are being repainted IRL I wouldn’t be surprised if the old livery isn’t included.

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Thought I saw it but when back and watched it again and didn’t see it lol

I can’t believe it’s actually happening :) Thank you devs for all the hard work through all the complaints and impatience!

Hate to be the person, BUT REMOVE YOUR VOTES NOW

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When they close this thread you get your votes back.


I was just saying because people could go and put there vote to other things right now

Wait. Am I tripping or does the IF livery have the newer winglets?

Well no… We still have the A350-1000. This is for the A350 family.


That’s very true

You also could have removed it, what nine months ago? When they confirmed it…

Anyone hear about a Asiana Livery coming for the A350 ?

Nope. Did you? If you or others didn’t hear about it yet, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.


Finally they have added my favorite livery


Ey y’all sry to be the party pooper but they got GEAR TILT.

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Any Idea If QATAR AIRWAYS A350 Is coming?

If not… It would be such a disappointment to not add The Launch, Most Popular and largest costumer of the A350.

Hope to fly this beauty In IF soon!


We didn’t saw it in the video but since Qatar Airways operate the A350 it will come for sure.😊

I hope so!😊
Qatar Airways was the first airline to fly both the A359 & A35K, and has more A350s than any other airline In the world.

It would be a shame If QR A350 Is left out,